Vie Collection’s 3-D Wrinkle Treatment Offers Surgery Alternative

I am terrified of needles, so much so that I need to lie down prior to flu shots and bloodwork or I will immediately faint. Yes, I know I’m a big baby. But I also know that I have to take really good care of my skin, because the likelihood of me ever trying plastic surgery falls somewhere in the neighborhood of slim and none. So I was excited when I got an invitation to try Vie Collection’s new 3D Wrinkle Treatment. Designed to act as an alternative to a variety of plastic surgery procedures, the facial involves three targeted steps that attack wrinkles and sagging skin. Stay tuned for the June issue of American Spa for details about this fab new treatment, but suffice it to say, I’m a huge fan. Along with being one of the most relaxing skincare services I’ve ever had, my skin looked amazing afterward. I’m even more excited to test out the homecare products to see how long I can extend the results. It’s great news for my needle phobia and an excellent option for your potential clients who want the benefits of plastic surgery without the ouch factor.


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