When Life Hands You Lemons Massage

lemons massage treatment

lemons massage treatmentBecause life doesn’t always go as planned, Kohler Waters Spa (multiple locations) recently introduced the When Life Hands You Lemons Massage (starting at $158, 50 minutes; $208, 80 minutes). A soul-soothing alternative to a deep-tissue massage, it features light pressure and is designed for those who need an extra bit of TLC. Including a warm footbath with a gentle foot and lower calf exfoliation for the longer version, the treatment incorporates a host of Naturopathica and Skin Authority products with immune-boosting and mood-lifting ingredients, such as ginger, gotu kola, and lemongrass. It was added to the menu after management put out a request for suggestions for new services. Kathleen Quigley, a spa associate and cancer survivor, created the relaxing massage. She says, “I wanted to create a nurturing experience not just for someone suffering from a major illness but for anyone who may be going through a rough time physically or emotionally.” For Naturopathica products: www.naturopathica.com. For Skin Authority products: www.skinauthority.com.

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