Smartphone Photography Dos and Don’ts

When a photo-op presents itself, what’s your natural reaction? For many, myself included, the answer is pull out the smartphone and click away. Those snaps may not capture the moment as well as they could though. Chris Schoenbohm, co-founder of Viewfinder, a new app that helps organize smartphone photos, shared a few tips to improve shots—follow these to capture your spa and clients at their best.

  1. Strike a flattering pose. Coach clients to imitate the ‘three-quarter angle stance’, a red carpet go-to that makes a woman look slim, sexy, and beautiful. Extend one leg out in front, pivoting, and planting the corresponding hand on the hip. The result is a long, attractive, diagonal line that draws the viewers’ eyes across the subject and shouts confidence.
  2. Create the illusion of height. Never shoot from a low angle, this adds weight and distorts the subject. For an extra boost, place the subject in an area with nothing taller in the background or within the frame of the photo.
  3. Perfect the portrait. Similar to increasing height, shooting portraits from eye level or above is most flattering. It eliminates any double-chin and creates a strong jawline, excellent to show off post-treatment results.
  4. Soften lighting. Well-lit photographs show off the subject’s best features, and in soft light such as places indoors next to a window or outside shade protected from direct sunlight help smooth the complexion. Keep this in mind for shooting your spa and wait for the best lighting during the day.
  5. Have fun. It's obvious in photos when subjects are comfortable and enjoying the experience. Tell a joke or ask your subject to do something silly to help them loosen up.