Something Wonderful

What do busy city-dwellers want after a long day at work? There are many answers, but most include some form of kicking back and escaping from the stresses of the day. A new limited-time promotion at Hyatt Times Square (New York City) may offer the perfect combination: handcrafted cocktail and hand massage or manicure. Marilyn Monroe Spa, located on the third floor of the hotel has partnered with Bar 54, its rooftop cocktail haven, to introduce the happy hour crowd to the luxurious offerings of the spa. This week we had the opportunity to visit the Marilyn Monroe Spa, but first we sampled the Wondertini—order a cocktail and receive a complimentary hand massage or manicure—at the bar on the 54th floor and enjoyed a birds-eye view of the setting sun and Times Square. The Wondertini is only available on Wednesdays for a limited time, ending Sept. 1 with a possible good weather extension. The whole evening felt like something Marilyn herself would have enjoyed.

What has your spa done to generate business from visitors in the area?