Spa College International Announces New Training Partnerships and Humanitarian Project

Spa College International, a provider of cutting edge seminars and workshops both locally and internationally, announces that in addition to our core classes on spa and body therapies, spa management and empowerment, that we will now provide an optional stay for individuals to volunteer as part of a humanitarian project for the benefit of the indigenous people of Costa Rica, while attending a training in Costa Rica. "We offer courses there a few times a year, and have connected with the Fundeico Foundation to offer students a unique experience not seen by tourists, simultaneously helping the people. A dream of mine for some time," says Spa College International founder Liz Galloway. A portion of funds from Spa College International will be directed to Fundeico for use in expansion of infrastructure, education, crafts, homes and well being of the tribal people in rural areas. Not only can you receive great continuing education in the spa industry, but human education and a chance to make a difference.

SCI provides seminars and workshops in their local area of Salt Lake City as well as several international retreats per year. We have come together with Domes for the World( as part of our support team to bring a higher profile, additional resources, and include this project in network and web TV segments. "I can't wait to see where this takes us in 2008." says Galloway. "This is Pura Vida. (pure life)""There are always nay sayers who don't want to get involved, even in our service based industry, and they laughed when I said I wanted to launch this project. But the benefit we can bring in not laughable," Galloway sustains.

We launched a new campaign, including videos, websites, and a supporting marketing and management book for spas. Available at out Spa College International website. We have partnered with new trainers with their own specialties and enthusiasm, hotels, and a top travel agency. Bringing 30 years of combined experience in the wellness, health and fitness industries to Spa College International and it's seminars. Excited to continually bring new information and connections to it's participants SCI is continually looking for new partners and educators. Our next seminar " Spa Business Development Intensive" is scheduled for May 13 - 19, 2008 in Costa Rica, with others in Jamaica and Thailand to follow

As part of SCI's new project with our workshops, volunteers can help build homes on sites, join in traditional rituals, and provide their own expertise in education to others. We want volunteers to be able to help develop and choose where they can best help. Ensuring that this is a life changing experience, not just a workshop.

We hope to expand this project beyond just one group of people and one country. We want to be one of the many beneficial projects working toward human sustainability. "Having been in the wellness industry for ten years, and spending four of that in the spa development sector of Costa Rica, I have seen the need and the ability of individuals and companies to make a difference and contribute." SCI makes a challenge to all spa related developers and owners investing in Costa Rica, and around the world, to join us on this project and contribute their resources and time.

Lotus Effects and Spa College International were founded by Liz Galloway. Liz Galloway is a professional wellness consultant, speaker and spa industry trainer. With locations and teams in both the US and Costa Rica she continues to provide precision business solutions and mentoring for spa start up's and turn arounds, along with bringing new levels of training options to the healing arts industry. To learn more about her or schedule a consultation or interview, she can be reached at 801 637 5235
[email protected]