Spa Consultant Linda Harding-Bond Releases New Book

Linda Harding-Bond, an international spa consultant whose trained therapists at the Oberoi Hotel Group, the GoldenEye, among other notable establishments, has just released a new book: The New Esthy Handbook: An Essential Guide for Novice or Nervous Estheticians.

The e-book provides insights on revenue generating tactics, product sales techniques and practical strategies to attract and retain the fast-growing customer segment of African-American, Asian, Hispanic and other people of color, who collectively account for $4.2 trillion in spending since 2013. “As an international consultant I see how rapidly the world is changing with regard to the spa industry,says Harding-Bond. “You have to be able to address the skin care issues of all ethnicities in an informed way to build and retain your client base. Without those skills big money is being left on the table.”

The book also aims to act as a resource for continuing education, with information for both job seekers and spa industry executives, including tips on the interview and audition process as well as determining the spa that best suits a spa professional’s personality. Esthetic instructors provide a great theoretical foundation but don’t really tell you the nuts and bolts about how to get a job quickly in the spa industry. I had to learn the hard way, through making mistakes,” says Harding-Bond. “When I began in the industry no one looked like me so it was really hard. I receive a lot of letters from students who tell me they don’t have a clue as to their direction now that they have their esthetics license. I wrote this book to help them.”

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