The Spa at Mohonk Mountain House Introduces Solutions for Modern Living

I love it when I discover a solution for stress-related problems. Last week, I attended the Travel Well Media Event hosted by Spa and Islands magazines, and my visit with the lovely ladies of Mohonk Mountain House revealed some cool new services that do just that. The Spa at Mohonk Mountain House’s new Solutions of Modern Living treatments are perfect for stressed out, multi-tasking, time-crunched clients. For those of us who spend way too much time hammering away at our laptops and PDAs is the Texting Tension Tamer, a rubdown of the hands, shoulders, and neck. Sky-high shoe lovers can find reprieve with the High Heeler, a peppermint-infused massage and stretch of the calves and feet. And for those of us who are getting mired down by seasonal allergies and pollution is the Breath Deep and Be Well service, which I was lucky enough to sample in a mini-session. This service invovles inhalations and sinus point massage with H. Gillerman organic essential oils. It’s a great way to give stuffed up, stressed out clients a much needed breath of fresh air. What are you doing to help your clients ease the ails of their busy lives this season?