In response to the widespread need for skilled, educated spa therapists and managers, Spa Shiki at the Lodge of Four Seasons in Lake Ozark, Missouri has become an American Spa Therapy Education and Certification Council (ASTECC)training institute?only the second such facility in the United States. Spa Shiki will work with the Bramham Institute to provide ASTECC certification training and continuing education in specialized modalities.

The training effort undertaken by Spa Shiki, the Bramham Institute, and ASTECC will help standardize spa education and raise awareness for quality spa treatments and professionalism in the U. S. Spa Shiki¹s Missouri location provides an excellent opportunity for training: the curriculum will be developed November through March, opposite the high season for spas in coastal locations.

'The physical atmosphere of a multi-million dollar spa is great, but not enough to impact the client¹s physical well-being,' Spa Shiki director Ann Moloney said. 'Therapists need true intent and a high level of knowledge to create an essence of wellness for their clients.'

Moloney first established a relationship with the Bramham Institute while working at the training institute at PGA National Resort and Spa in Florida. Moloney, Anne Bramham and Sara Eavenson of the Bramham Institute are driving forces in the ASTECC organization, all serving as board members.

ASTECC instructors train on location, contractually, year-round. In addition, training is held at the Bramham Institute in West Palm Beach throughout the year. New Bramham course offerings include ThermaStone® and Ayurveda; training on Dr. Vodder¹s MLD will be held in August and October.

On the Spa Shiki calendar?a four-day Spa Management course to be held in November 2001 in Lake Ozark, Missouri. For more information on Spa Shiki training, call 573-365-8108. For more information on the Bramham Institute, call 800-575-0518 or visit

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