The second annual Spacifically Conference and Exposition for Spa, Resort and Hotel Executives takes place September 11-13. The show features nearly 200 exhibit booths and more than 45 seminars will be offered on subjects ranging from the very latest in consumer trends, how to create and manage balance sheets, how to find new customers, public relations, marketing, insurance, financing and design, building and cost-saving techniques.

"We anticipate a crowd of 3,000 spa industry executives, doubling the size of the show from the previous year," says Spacifically Vice President and Show Director Karen Crawford. "This is a show for any executive or administrator who is or may become involved with spa services. That includes spa owners and resort operators, beauty and wellness professionals, hotel executives, real estate managers, architects, builders, travel professionals, massage and physical therapists — anyone involved or looking to make a profit in this exciting industry. It also means medical and other healthcare professionals who are considering the dramatic trend toward offering spa services in hospitals, clinics and other such facilities."

Day One, SpaTrade's Nancy Griffin kicks off the Spacifically Conference & Exposition by 2001's Keynote, a compelling discussion about the economy's impact on the industry, and the future of the industry. Entitled "Business as Unusual — Navigating the Seas of Change," it reveals insights of the five of the industry's most respected journalists, including Tom Finan, Resort Management & Operations Magazine; Guy Jonkman, Spa Management Journal and Medical Spas Review; Linda Lewis, Day-Spa Magazine; and Ronale Tucker, Fitness Management Journal.
Nancy Griffin will hold a seminar on Wednesday, September 12th from 9:30 to 11:00, on "How Consumer Trends will Impact Your Spa in 2001." Significant trends to be discussed include:
- The Broadening base of the spa market
- The Cultural Creative market and "sustainable spas"
- The impact of the Internet on the spa industry
- The marriage of spas and medicine
- Healthy travel and the savvy spa-goer

Spacifically presents four intensive, day-long pre-conference workshops on Monday, September 10 at 8 am geared toward overcoming and profiting from the spa industry's most critical challenges. Seminars include:

• Taking the Spa Plunge II: How to Invest in & Profit From Spas in Hotels, Hotel Chains and Resorts — offered by Jon Canas, Co-Pres. & CEO, Raoul Sudre, Co-Pres. & COO, Aspen Spa management & Phytobiodermie, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

• Innovative Building & Interior Design Strategies for Spas

• Employment in the New Economy: How to Recruit, Train & Keep Qualified Staff — presented by Kit McCormick, President, Spa/Salon Staffing Service, Mesa, Arizona, Kristen nelson, Co-Owner, Zendo Salon & Spa, San Francisco, Ca.

• Massage Magazine Presents Building A Healthier Spa from the Inside Out — The Massage & Spa Industries Working Together — presented by Anne Bramhan, Bramhan institute, Robert Calvert, Owner & COO, Massage Magazine, Carole Ostendorf, Exec. Dir., Comms. On Massage Therapy, Melinda Minton, pres. Minton Business Solutions, Kit McCormick of Spa/Salon Staffing, and Kate Spencer, Publisher of Massage Magazine.

(Workshops are a separate, intensive pre-conference program which require an additional registration fee.)

To register, visit