Disneyland, September 11th. The inaugral morning of Spacifically 2001 turned into a life-changing morning for every American. Yet despite the shock and grief, the Spacifically team, headed by Karen Crawford, made sure the show went on.

With a fraction of anticipated speakers and attendees (some were caught en-route, others actually turned away from a closed Disneyland) every participant pulled together to make the best of a horrific situation. Present speakers filled in for absent speakers, and even attendees created impromptu seminars.

The theme of the conference centered on Spacifically's goal to 'define an industry in transition and help it grow.' Hot issues in both the classroom and hotel hallways include

- how to position in a waning economy

- branding and consolidation

- pros and cons of medi-spas

- leveraging operations through technology and the Internet

- the increasing importance of design

- defining roles in a burgeoning industry