SpaFinder Campaign 'Shines Light' on Sun Safety

As summer swiftly approaches, SpaFinder's third annual Melanoma Initiative is kicking into high gear. Spas around the world are partnering with SpaFinder to help educate the public on the dangers of sun exposure, promote effective and affordable sun safety habits, and raise awareness of the importance of an annual full body mole check. SpaFinder, Inc., the spa and wellness media, marketing and research company, connects over 8,500 spas and salons worldwide with millions of consumers seeking wellness and beauty information and services.

Since its inception in 2007, SpaFinder's Melanoma Initiative has enlisted spa therapists and aestheticians, who not only have trusted relationships with their clients, but also frequently see their skin close up, to encourage them to use sunscreen regularly and schedule yearly skin exams with a dermatologist. SpaFinder is distributing educational literature to participating spas (and over the Web), that features sun safety facts and perspectives from noted skin expert Dr. Doris Day, a New York-based board-certified dermatologist, author, columnist, lecturer, and sought-after media personality.

Two 'Simmering' Issues For Summer '09: Tight Budgets - And Confusing New Sunscreen Controversies

Dr. Day stated that this year two issues are 'heating up' for consumers: strapped budgets, driving the need for affordable sunscreen options; and new controversies (i.e., whether mineral-based particles, or chemicals in some sunscreens, are safe) that may be confusing consumers, and leading them to stray from practical sun safety basics.

'If you're using products with the components outlined below, you're doing the right thing,' said Dr. Day. 'People need to be vigilant about re-applying sunscreen every two hours when they're outdoors, but also need to realize that sunscreen is, in essence, our last line of defense - and no silver bullet.' She added that as a doctor she encourages people to exercise, and get out and enjoy their lives--but they need to be 'sun smart,' that is, wear hats and sun-protective clothing whenever possible, avoid tanning salons AND use a good sunscreen.

'I Will Reflect' Wristbands Remind People of UV Ray Dangers

This year will see the return of SpaFinder's popular 'I Will Reflect' photosensitive wristbands, which change color from white to an attractive shade of purple when exposed to harmful UVA rays. The chic bracelets bear a metal faceplate engraved with the Melanoma Initiative's motto, 'I Will Reflect,' reminding wearers to think about the five melanoma prevention tips included in the bracelet's elegant packaging:

Be sun and skin smart
Wear sunscreen year round
Use a minimum of 15 SPF sunscreen, providing UVA protection
Have an annual full-body mole check
Share this important message with others

'It's awful to learn that almost every hour, one American dies of melanoma, when early detection can raise the five-year survival rate to 99 percent,' said Susie Ellis, President of SpaFinder, Inc. 'Fortunately, word is spreading quickly about our Initiative, and we've been flooded with calls from spas, travel agents, gift shops, schools, and youth programs - even a wine tasting event in Napa - all of whom want to distribute the bracelets and support this important cause.'

SpaFinder's Melanoma Initiative, which was first launched in 2007, was inspired by the death of Alex Szekely, the former president of the world-renowned Golden Door and Rancho La Puerta spas, and one of the spa industry's true visionaries.

Spas interested in distributing SpaFinder's 'I Will Reflect' bracelets or obtaining more information about holding their own melanoma awareness events can contact Loreen Guertin at [email protected] or 212-716-1167. Proceeds go towards melanoma research and programs that raise awareness of this deadly but largely preventable disease.

For more information on SpaFinder's initiative, important facts about melanoma, and to purchase sun-sensitive bracelets at cost, visit: