SpaQuality LLC Updates The International Standards of SpaExcellence<SUP><FONT SIZE="-1">SM</FONT></SUP>

SpaQualityUtilizing information and experiences gained during the past year as well as input from Spa professionals worldwide, SpaQuality LLC has completed the third annual update of The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM. The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM provide a framework for Spa owners, directors and managers who wish to achieve a sustainable Spa business with loyal clients, dependable staff, smooth operations every day, and financial success.

Key changes to the 2007 Standards include:

? the addition of environmental considerations,
? the addition of Spa quality system objectives,
? the addition of Guest orientation,
? expanded Spa culture content,
? expanded Staffing the Spa content, and
? a glossary of key terms.

SpaQuality thanks everyone who provided actionable feedback on the 2006 version and values their insights. Their efforts have improved The Standards, and it is SpaQuality's belief that Spa businesses and Spa Guests will profit from their wisdom.

The price of The Standards remains unchanged at $95US. To order a copy of The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM, email [email protected]

About The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM
These quality management standards were created specifically for the Spa industry and have their foundation in quality management standards such as the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, ISO 9000, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), OSHA and others.

The intent of The Standards is to describe the common elements of successful Spas in an organized framework. While The Standards describe what successful Spas do, they are not prescriptive. They do not describe exactly how the Spa must operate nor do they seek to make all Spas alike. An excellent Guest experience is the result of a well-managed, disciplined Spa that provides confidence, meets or exceeds Guest expectations and delivers effective treatments consistently.

Successful Spas demonstrate effective management in four key areas described in The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM:

Spa Management - These processes communicate what is important to the Spa's success, define roles and responsibilities and evaluate the Spa's effectiveness and efficiency. Examples include setting the Spa's mission and vision and goals, strategic planning, resourcing, leadership deployment, and business review.

Spa Guest Experiences — These processes are used to plan the Spa's treatment menu and required facilities, equipment and supplies, control the delivery of Guest service, and identify ways to improve the Guest experience. Examples include booking appointments, treatment delivery (SOPs / protocols), adding services to the Spa menu, expanding a Spa's facility, and providing and displaying retail products.

Spa Operations Support — These processes are the back-of-the-house processes used to ensure that the Spa can deliver consistent treatments and meet regulatory requirements in order to optimize the Spa business operations. Examples include training needs analysis, training staff, cleaning the Spa facility and equipment, purchasing and receiving, product storage, and maintaining equipment and facilities.

Spa Improvement — These processes identify opportunities for the Spa to continually improve in all aspects of the Spa business and in Guest satisfaction. Examples include evaluating Guest feedback, root cause analysis (finding and correcting problems at their source), Spa self-examination and assessments, using audit and testing systems and personnel to identify what needs improvement, and identifying and eliminating sources of waste.

Spas that embrace these principles of effective management promote confidence and enhance the public image of the spa industry.

For Spas that subscribe to the management principles outlined in The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM and value objective evaluation and actionable feedback, SpaQuality LLC provides a comprehensive SpaExcellenceSM education, assessment and certification process. The crystal award of SpaExcellenceSM is given to spas that have gone through the SpaExcellenceSM certification process and demonstrated compliance to the standards at a Level of Excellence 3, 4 or 5.

SpaQuality LLC provides speakers for Spa expos, conferences, networks, continuing education, and events.

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