Sparty by the Sea

First things first -- the Brits LOVE to party!   More about that later.

It was an enlightening and very educational day meeting with European vendors at SpaTec EU Day 2 held in meeting rooms with serene views of the sapphire Adriatic Sea.  Seems like USA and European spas still have a long way to go in order to meet eye to eye as to what spas in the future will be all about.   For instance, there are now fitness facilities envisioned in surreal premanufactured environments with video scenes, nature sounds, aromatherapy and led lighting built into free form lucite wall enclosures that enhance the body's ability to build strength, flexibility and endurance.  The components are all based on the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, working with the body's Chi which runs along energy meridians and also utilizing the five elements of nature.  Now,  I am always open to new ideas, but perhaps you can figure this one out.   Mind you - these look like they belong in a space station for astronaut work outs, but they are supposedly due to be a reality on earth in the near future; perhaps even coming to a spa near you.

Then there are the myriad of wet area features which take the art of sauna, steam and whirlpool to a whole new level.  That is, if you are willing pay the astounding cost to purchase and install them.

Back to the party scene...we had a map assembly James Bond team building experience which took 15 separate groups up, down, over, and through Old Town Split with it's ancient Diocletian palace and seaside promenade, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  One of the stops even had a table with shots of local herbal spirits (think strong alcohol !)  available to fortify us for the next round of clues.  Surely the Croatian residents that gather by the seaside at sunset each day thought we were all crazy.   The finish line was at a magnificent ancient hill top overlooking the city and the sea with music, a drinks reception, then dinner at a restaurant of our choice.  Needless to say, the short bus ride back to the hotel was not a pretty picture.  Then, it turns out that the President of Croatia had just checked in to our hotel for the weekend, and the extremely tight security did not look kindly on the majority of our group.  So our Balkan SpaTec adventure continues with more to come tomorrow...