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Opened more than 15 years ago in Newport Beach, CA, Spa Gregorie’s has long benefitted from a great location. Situated near the popular shopping center Fashion Island, the day spa was established next to one of the busiest salons in the area. “Our friends owned the salon and knew that we were contemplating launching a spa operation,” says founder Angela Cortright. “They told us their neighbor, an upscale jeweler, was not renewing the lease. We negotiated a long-term lease and have thrived there ever since.” The spa’s second location came in 2006 in Rancho Santa Margarita. According to Cortright, the locale was chosen because of the explosive growth, the right demographics, and a lack of competition in the area. A third outpost later debuted in Del Mar. More recently, the brand’s Rancho Santa Margarita spa got a new address as well as a new look. “While all three locations share the same great staff, mission, and amenities, each location’s décor varies,” says Cortright. “The new Rancho Santa Margarita is sleek and contemporary.” 

The 11-treatment-room spa also offers a menu fine-tuned to fit the requirements of its clientele. “We take into consideration the needs of our guests and embrace suggestions when they have them,” says Cortright. “Fifteen years of evolution have also played a part. We topped off the menu with some unique offerings, such as our anti-gravity pedicure chair and our Fassage treatment.” Created to give spa-goers the ultimate spa service, Fassage ($164, 90 minutes) is a full-body massage and an express facial in one. For those who want to focus exclusively on their visage, the spa offers numerous specialty facials, including the Arcona Organic Brightening Facial ($119, 50 minutes) and the Epicuren Lunchtime Peel ($85, 30 minutes; $306, series of 4).

Guests can also take advantage of the spa’s complementary modalities and therapies. For example, Reiki ($60, 30 minutes; $100, 60 minutes) can be used to ease discomfort after surgery, and Acupuncture ($95, 60 minutes; $130, 90 minutes) is an option for individuals dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment. In fact, the menu also features designated oncology services, such as Oncology Massage ($59, 30 minutes; $99, 60 minutes; $129, 75 minutes; $155, 90 minutes) and Oncology Facials ($109, 60 minutes; $119, 75 minutes). “Spa Gregorie’s staff cares about the community, and we are known for our philanthropic efforts,” says Cortright. “Whether it’s donating goody bags for a new business’s ribbon-cutting ceremony, raising almost $500,000 for breast-cancer awareness, or having one of the largest oncology-trained staffs in the U.S., we pride ourselves on being part of the community and not just another business in it.”

That giving philosophy also ties into what many people want from their visits to the spa. “Most spa-goers are looking for stress reduction, relaxation, and personal touch, and simply to be embraced by people who care,” says Cortright. According to her, most gravitate toward treatments that can be customized to fit their specific needs. With a total of 40 employees, the majority of whom are part-time, the spa can typically handle 80 to 100 guests each day.

“The biggest challenge we experience is the changing economy and spending habits of our guests,” says Cortright. “It inspires us to think of innovative ideas to overcome this challenge.” Some of those ideas include coming up with higher margin services at the same price point to improve profitability, implementing a low-cost membership offering across-the-board discounts to ensure loyalty, renegotiating contracts to save money, and reallocating marketing dollars to create more of an online presence. As for the future, growth is the goal. Says Cortright, “We aspire to increase our presence in the community and expand our caring brand wherever we can.”

Owner: Angela Cortright

Spa Director: Lani Matsunaga

Opened: July 2013



85% female, 15% male



5,250 square feet; 11 treatment rooms



acupuncture, aromatherapy, body treatments, chromatherapy, couples’ treatments, cupping, energy work, eyelash and brow tinting, eyelash extensions, facials, guided meditation, hair and scalp treatments, hand and foot treatments, hydrotherapy, massage, microdermabrasion, nailcare, naturopathic medicine, prenatal services, reflexology, salon services, sunless tanning, waxing



Fassage ($164, 90 minutes)



Epicurabrasion ($175, 75 minutes for face only; $945, for a series of 6; $235, 75 minutes for face, neck, and décolleté; $1,269, for a series of 6), which includes microdermabrasion and application of an Epicuren Enzyme Mask



Arcona, Athena Cosmetics, Duri Cosmetics, Epicuren, Jessica Cosmetics, Kérastase, L’Oréal Professionnel, Majestic, PFB, Spa Gregorie’s Signature Line, Tweezerman



Jaco, Living Earth Crafts,  Millennium Systems International, SpaEquip, Universal Companies



Saunders + Wiant Architects (Newport Beach, CA)