Party Fabulous

It used to be that people went to spas to get away from it all and from each other. In recent years, however, spas have evolved to also cater to more social clients and serve as common venues for bachelorette parties, book clubs, and other get-togethers. Introduced this past fall, SpaSocial (Round Rock, TX) capitalizes on this growing interest in communal spa-ing. “With its stunning design and large spaces, SpaSocial brings to life an array of deluxe spa treatments that define a new social outing called social spa-ing,” says founder and social director Amanda Lyles. “Whether it’s a girls’ night out, a wedding shower, a birthday party, or even just a much-needed break from reality, SpaSocial gives guests the opportunity to share the moment socially.”

Consulting on the project, Alexis Ufland, founder of Lexi Design in New York City, was immediately inspired by the idea. “Austin is an amazing city, and Amanda is this smart, young, and fun chick who wanted to do something different to shake up the local spa scene,” says Ufland. “I knew I needed to create something that not only stood out among the local competition but also incorporated Amanda’s personality. The social concept seemed a perfect fit for not only her but also the cool vibe of Austin.”

Not surprisingly, the spa has become a popular setting for private events. The SocialButterfly menu makes it especially easy for spa-goers to party with their pals. They can choose from a number of options, such as Girls Night Out ($119 per person), featuring hair, makeup, and a manicure and pedicure; Wine O’Clock ($109 per person), including a chair massage, a pedicure, and hair and makeup; and Party Planner ($69 per person), involving the application of eyelash flares, a braid, and makeup. With a minimum of six people, each party includes a hostess, spa staff, robes, slippers, and beverages. Custom parties are also available upon request. “The emphasis on events made so much sense in this space,” says Ufland. “There are so many alcoves and mini private spaces that felt like a cool place to hang out with a group of friends. I was so happy when Amanda was onboard with turning these alcoves into mini spas within the main spa. Each private spa party room isn’t just a lounge but can also accommodate manis, pedis, blowouts, makeup, and chair massages, all in one.”

Another key feature of the spa is its SocialSociety membership program. Guests who join benefit from special monthly packages, such as Only Prettier ($80, valued at $115), which features a mini facial, a 30-minute massage, and a manicure; Weekend Warrior ($125, valued at $175), made up of a cleansing facial and a detoxifying scrub and wrap; and High Maintenance ($300, valued at $430), involving a massage, facial, body scrub and wrap, two manicures and pedicures, waxing of a small body part, and unlimited use of the amenities. “I loved creating a place that had equal emphasis on services, events, and memberships,” says Ufland. “Usually the focus is all about the single service; parties and memberships are ancillary. At SpaSocial, the emphasis is being social, therefore the parties and memberships came to the forefront.”

Of course, guests don’t have to be social to enjoy the spa. An AntiSocial menu of a la carte services is also available for individuals who prefer to spa solo. According to Lyles, the spa can handle 120 clients who want to experience the AntiSocial services; SpaSocial’s private parties can cater up to 150 clients at a time.

Most appreciate the fact that all of the treatments rely on Texas-made products. “We wanted to keep the local aspect of the spa alive,” says Lyles. “All of our lines are produced right here in the Lone Star State, and we are very proud of that.” It also creates an interesting story for the spa’s retail component. In addition to the products used in each treatment, SpaSocial also offers a private-label makeup line and a do-it-yourself bath-salt bar, in which guests can mix and match their favorite scents. “Our retail space is inviting and interactive,” says Lyles.

Although it only recently debuted, Lyles and her team of 14 full-time and six part-time employees are busy spreading the word on what differentiates the spa from others. “To do that, we are focused on building our social presence through not only social media but also social gatherings and through local social networks,” she says. Up to the task, they are now focusing on the future. Says Lyles, “We are revolutionizing the term social spa-ing and look forward to providing an exciting experience to all of our clientele.”

Owner: Amanda Lyles

Spa Director: Iliana Luna

Opened: October 2013



75% female 25% male



11,144 square feet; 10 treatment rooms



body treatments, couples’ treatments, eyelash and brow tinting, eyelash extensions, facials, hand and foot treatments, hydrotherapy, makeup application, massage, nailcare, prenatal services, reflexology, sunless tanning, waxing



Wine O’Clock party ($109 per person; 6 person minimum)



High Maintenance membership ($300  per month)



Enfusia, Hard Night Good Morning, Lights Out Candles, Niven Morgan, Salve, Veritas Bioactive Cosmetics



Millennium Systems International, SpaEquip



Ali Meyer, Ali Meyer Design (Austin, TX)



Alexis Ufland, Lexi Design (New York City)


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