The Spa at Carillon Miami Partners with Lemi to Create U.S. Brand Showroom

Lemi Table at The Spa at Carillon Miami

Carillon Miami has updated The Spa at Carillon Miami with new massage tables from Lemi as part of a partnership in which the spa serves as the U.S. showroom for the Italian wellness brand. Spa guests can now experience a range of treatments using a number of different tables, including the award-winning Aemotio Spa table, which features six jets, water-enhanced vibromassage, and a height-adjustable water bed. Guests can also experience the Spa Dream Crystal Quartz Massage Bed, which uses color therapy and quartz to promote balance in the body. In addition, all massage tables are now complete with Lemi’s Extra Comfort memory foam mattresses.  

Following the success of a Lemi operational showroom in Dubai, Carillion Miami will now serve as an operational showroom for the U.S., where potential customers can personally experience the tables. “When you can try them, it actually really makes a difference—you can go through the different options, you can enjoy more of the product, you can feel the difference between our kind of mattress compared to others,” says Matteo Brusaferri, account manager at Lemi Group.  

The equipment company, which is distributed in the U.S. by Ready Care Industries, also plans to expand into the U.S. by opening another operational showroom in the western U.S. Those interested in experiencing the Lemi tables can contact Ready Care for an appointment at the Carillion Miami or the factory in Italy. “We like to bring people to see our company,” says Brusaferri. “We like to show how we do things, how we make all different parts of the tables.”—Natalie Maneval   


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