In response to overwhelming demand for online education, SpaTrade produces web-based seminar series for spa owners and managers

October 18, 2005, Petaluma, California, SpaTrade (, the leading online source of spa business information and provider of online marketing services, announced today that they will be presenting the Spa Trends Webinar Series in January, 2006. SpaTrade began offering webinars in August in response to an online marketing survey which revealed that 93% of respondents would like to participate in webinars.

The survey also revealed that "spa trends" was the webinar topic of greatest interest to SpaTrade members. "With the slowing growth rate and fluctuating market share in the spa industry, spa managers must understand and react to current spa trends," says SpaTrade CEO Nancy Griffin. "This webinar series will educate our membership on general market and consumer trends as well as specific industry trends­including information on unique products and equipment to enhance profitability and guest satisfaction."

Spa directors and managers, industry analysts, and spa owners can access the free, four-part series, covering the following cutting-edge spa industry trends:

Spa Consumer Trends, Thursday January 5, 2006, 11:30 am EST
Spa Industry Trends, Thursday January 12, 2006, 11:30 am EST
Spa Product Trends, Thursday January 19, 2006: 11:30 am EST
Spa Equipment Trends, Thursday January 26, 2006: 11:30 am EST

SpaTrade has identified webinars as the ideal medium though which to deliver high quality content from top industry experts, direct to spa professionals in their homes and offices. While many are still unfamiliar with webinar technology, it is actually quite user-friendly. According to Griffin, "It is easy to connect to a SpaTrade webinar­simply call a phone number and sign into a web page at an appointed time to participate in the live event. And even if members can't make the live event, they are able to watch a recording at their convenience."

Over 500 SpaTrade members registered for Sales With Soul, Holly Stiel and Peggy Wynne Borgman's webinar series, which focused on the seven key service steps that drive optimum loyalty, referrals, and sales. Comments from attendees suggested that web-based seminars will become increasingly popular. One attendee wrote in: "Holly and Peggy were fantastic! The Power Point slides really put this webinar head and shoulders above other teleconferences I have attended in the past." Another attendee commented: "The webinar was great! I have been present at a couple of Peggy's live presentations and this was just like being there!"

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