Mill Valley, Calif. SpaTrade expert Carole Amend, founder of the Aim Academy School of Somatic Movement Studies, has developed a unique workshop for spa and fitness professionals. The course is entitled "The 3D's of Personal Movement Practice: Defining, Developing, Deepening." The course defines a framework to define, develop, and deepen personal and professional movement practice. "Spas have a responsibility to allow, support, and nuture the client his/her own process," says Amend. "AIM helps promote better client service, better management of employees, as well as more integrative programs to help the client use the tools they learn at the spa when they return to their daily lives.

The AIM workshop is designed for spa, bodywork, and fitness professionals. Particpants are lead through awareness, movement, exercise, and touch explorations. Some of these explorations include organizing and integrating awareness of thoughts, sensations, and emotions with respect to gravity, movement, breathing, support, balance, function, and dynamic. Participants develop an understanding of how to take full advantage of professional expertise and anew paradigm of client experience, education, responsibility, and choice.

The Amend Integrative Model for Movement Pedagogy and Practice (AIM) informs
the public and professionals alike in a way that validates and inspires
appreciation of all movement practices. It is the mission of AIM Academy to inspire, validate, and support personal movement experience and practice by creating a respect for embodiment and body-oriented practices through education. AIM Academy is dedicated to a vision of embodied ethics for an embodied world.

The goals of AIM Academy are:
¨ to integrate a sense of body and movement into our collective cultural awareness; to encourage and support the public in committing to movement practices, leading to the integration of body-centered principles in all areas of life
¨ to inform the public, supporting the emerging paradigm of client experience, education, choice, and responsibility
¨ to inspire, support, validate, and substantiate the work of body-oriented professionals within the emerging paradigm
¨ to create more respect for and awareness about the movement practice professions; to bridge the gap between the paradigm of anatomically derived categories and the paradigm of experientially grounded categories; to articulate, clarify, and promote the current and emerging movement practice professions
¨ to support a community of dialogue, a meeting place where movement and hands-on practice professionals can communicate and share their disciplines and individual talents under a shared vision of ethics
¨ to expand the perspective of those in the body-oriented fields of dance and performing arts, sports and fitness, somatics, allopathic/alternative medicine, spa services, psychology, education, and to support the work of emerging disciplines through a common language and purpose

For more information, please contact Carole Amend at 415.380.8660 or email her at [email protected]