Spa Photo SourceSpaTrade introduces Spa Photo Source , an online store for royalty-free stock and custom spa photography. The eCommerce site features artistic photography of spa treatments, spa products, and spa facilities from renowned spa photographer Linda Troeller as well as stunning images of nature and water from Troeller and Known for her awarding winning books "Healing Waters" (Aperture) and "Spa Journeys" (powerHouse Books), Troeller's photographs are included in major museum collections.

Spa Photo Source was developed in response to feedback from SpaTrade's membership. Nearly three-quarters of all respondents in the 1994 SpaTrade Membership Survey expressed an interest in stock and custom spa images. In SpaTrade's April online marketing survey, 80% of survey respondents expressed the lack of spa images as a key marketing challenge.

The easy-to-navigate site offers downloadable, web-ready images, as well as high-resolution spa photography on CD-Rom. All images are royalty-free. "SpaTrade is pleased to present the artistic imagery of Linda Troeller and other great photographers." CEO Nancy Griffin noted, "There are so many cliché stock photos out there—the cucumbers on the eyes, the rolled-up towels—we wanted to move beyond the typical imagery, and offer images that lure/seduce viewers to the spa experience."

Visit Spa Photo Source for spa images to use in your marketing, corporate identity, spa interiors, and web design.
Spa Photo Source