The Amazing Alternative to Laser That's Easily Added to Waxing Services

There’s a revolutionary new product on the U.S. spa market that can be combined with your waxing treatment to permanently reduce unwanted face and body hair. This natural serum-based system is changing the revenue and profit opportunities in spas across the country.  It’s called EpilFree and it’s a game changer!

The Scientific Discovery

EpilFree was developed by a leading cosmetic formulator in Israel. Epilfree, like a lot of other cutting edge technology, was an accidental find by research scientist Dr. Yoel Konis. In the process of developing new technology for skin issues Dr. Konis discovered that hair growth was inhibited on the test subjects who used his serum. That was many years ago, and Epilfree was born. Since then it has been improved several times and we now enjoy the benefits of Third Generation Epilfree and now available in the United States!

It Works With Waxing

It works by killing the hair follicle to reduce unwanted hair. Eprilfree is incorporated into a waxing treatment and repeated for an average series of 8 treatments.

EpilFree is a hair removal alternative to laser or can be used along with laser. Epilfree is a unique, natural and patented, permanent hair reduction system that combines the simplicity of use, with exceptional results that are equal to laser, but without the limitations and cost.

It’s Safe

It’s safe and effective and much more versatile than laser hair removal for permanent hair reduction. 

It works on any:

  • Skin tone
  • Hair color
  • Blonde Hair
  • Gray Hair
  • Red Hair
  • Fine Vellus Hair

It’s Less Expensive Than Laser

Epilfree can create an entirely new business for your salon/spa. There’s no need to have any medical supervision.  There’s no need to lease or buy lasers that can run over $100,000.  There’s no need to add more costly coverage to your insurance policy.

There are so many benefits to adding EpilFree to your treatment menu. EpilFree can give your business a safer and less expensive option for permanent hair reduction than laser. You can enjoy increased sales revenues with dramatically increased profits for your business.

Earn More From Waxing

Permanent hair reduction is a huge business in the U.S. and you can leverage that for your salon/spa. Charge more for waxing services by adding EpilFree. Increase your waxing prices by $20-$110 (varies by service) per service when you add EpilFree and make them a permanent hair reduction service.   

Permanent Hair Reduction In about 8 Treatments

EpilFREE in a waxing service requires the client to commit to an 8-treatment package, on average, to be fully effective. Getting clients to commit to an 8-treatment package can be very lucrative for your salon/spa.  That means that you can increase your waxing revenues by $160-$880 (varies by service) per package. That’s about $6000 from just 10 of your best waxing clients. 

If you have a strong waxing business that is built on trust and great service – you will be able to count 5 of your best bikini wax and back wax customers in under 1 minute. This list of clients can earn you an additional $6000. 

If you’d like to begin earning extra spa/salon revenue from your waxing room by adding The EpilFREE Difference to your existing waxing services, get EpilFREE from E.F. Tropics their sole U.S. distributor and start earning extra revenue right away.

Take Advantage Of The Holiday Rush

Baby, it is cold outside!  Let’s face it, winter is here! There is all of that holiday hustle and bustle to lift everyone’s spirits.  The appointment book is full; the phone is ringing as everyone is prepping to look their best for the holidays. EpilFREE is perfect for this time of year. You can introduce clients to this revolutionary treatment that can give them permanent hair reduction over their next 8 treatments, which will be prime swimsuit season next year. 

Easy To Use

If you can wax, you can perform an EpilFree treatment. This simple 3-step system couldn’t be easier to use during your waxing treatments. 

This 3-step system is easy to perform:

  • Step 1 – Wax
  • Step 2 – Apply EpilFree Activator Lotion
  • Step 3 – Apply EpilFree Toning Gel

This system is easy to learn and perform. E.F. Tropics provides training and support to the salons and spas that offer EpilFree and there are also online learning tutorial videos to help professionals become proficient in the service. 

Join the EpilFree revolution that is sweeping the country. Become one of hundreds of salons and spas that are already offering their clients a safer alternative to laser. Your spa can earn more revenue per service and keep your costs down by offering the newest permanent hair reduction treatment – Epilfree! 

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.