Earn More Revenue From Waxing by Adding EpilFREE for Permanent Reduction

(E.F. Tropics)

We all know the famous TV show Game Of Thrones and how they always say “Winter Is Coming.”  Well, winter is almost over and we have a new line – “Summer Is Coming”!  There’s also a saying that #beachbodies are built in the winter.  Well this winter, is the perfect time to start talking to your waxing clients about prepping for summer swimsuit season! 

It’s the perfect time to get them started on EpilFREE, a natural, permanent hair reduction treatment that can increase your spa revenues and help clients get smooth, hair-free skin in time for their summer vacations.  If your clients start receiving EpilFREE treatments this winter, they will be well on their way being hair-free in time for their summer vacations as it takes an average of 8 treatments to see permanent hair reduction.

Naturally-Safe Permanent Hair Reduction

This revolutionary system imported from Israel, EpilFREE, is a combination of natural herbs and botanicals, such as Ladies Mantle and Eucalyptus that work at the cellular level to kill the anagen hair follicle.  Developed by internationally renowned PHD Cosmetic Chemist, Dr Konis.

EpilFREE is composed of 2 steps.  Part A, the activator, is sprayed on the waxed area. A generous amount of the activator is needed which is patted gently onto the skin. By the end of three minutes, the activator will gently open the hair follicle four times its normal size.

Part B, is our toner.  We use a delicate alcohol – SD alcohol 40 instead isopropyl alcohol to avoid irritation.

This is the serum that kills the hair follicles that were waxed while in the anagen phase. This action is permanent. With continued treatments every 4 to 6 weeks over a period of time, the unwanted hair will disappear, leaving behind beautiful clean skin!

Increase Spa Revenues

You can create a whole new stream of income for your spa.  Turn your waxing clients into EpilFREE clients.  You can add, $50-$100 per waxing service when you incorporate EpilFREE.  This non-toxic, natural, easy to use product is just a simple 2-step addition that you apply after you wax, literally in minutes you can increase your revenues.

Waxing Revenues Increase by Thousands

When you have men and women coming to your spa for

·       bikini wax

·       leg wax

·       back wax

·       underarm wax

·       lip wax

·       eyebrow wax

You can simply and efficiently add in EpilFREE.  This treatment is painless and only adds minutes to the service but can increase your revenues by thousands out of just one waxing room.  You can even create monthly specials and sell packages of the EpilFREE Post Waxing Treatment.  Most clients need between 8 & 12 treatments to see maximum results.  

Depending on your area you can charge:

1 Bikini Wax - $50 additional

Series of 8 Bikini Wax - $400 additional

5 Bikini Wax Clients - $2000 additional

Safe + Effective For EVERYONE

One of the only permanent hair reduction systems safe for everyone!  EpilFREE is safe on all skin tones.  Everyone from, a Fitzpatrick 1 to a Fitzpatrick 6 may receive EpilFREE.  It works on blonde and grey hair.  It has shown no reaction for anyone with sensitive skin.

Watch our video on how easy EpilFREE is to use!

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.