Get Double Hydration and Instant Glow with Comfort Zone's Hydramemory

Given that our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water, it’s no surprise that good old H2O is one of our most important sources of energy. Science shows it plays a vital role in almost every body function, physical and cognitive: from transporting nutrients and waste and aiding digestion and joint mobility to boosting our mood and fighting fatigue. All this runs smoothly when we are drinking adequate water, which most of us don’t. Thirst is a late alarm bell signaling that the body’s organs are, in fact, dehydrated.

Just as our bodies need proper hydration so does our skin, our largest organ of all! It’s also the last organ to receive the benefits of hydration when it’s coming from the inside out, which is why hydration-specific skincare is so important for it to function optimally. Proper hydration is the only way skin can effectively maintain its elasticity and rid itself of toxins to leave a plump and luminous complexion, and so to prevent and correct signs of aging. Signs of a ‘thirsty’ face include dull, pale, chapped, uneven and sensitive skin that appears ‘drawn’.

Hydramemory is the hydration-targeted line by Italian skincare company Comfort Zone. Their global reputation for results-oriented products comes from working with a committee of expert scientists to develop effective integrated responses to specific skincare needs with high-quality, natural-origin active ingredients.

The professional and home Hydramemory line encourages ‘double’ 24-hour hydration by supporting two of the skin’s most vital jobs. The job of the outer, horny layer of the epidermis is to protect the rest of the skin underneath from exterior elements. This layer is composed of 30% water which needs to be maintained to support this barrier function. Another vital job for the skin is to diffuse water through all of the skin’s layers where it sits, in the heart of each cell, like a reservoir, to give us a plump, radiant and dewy complexion.

Not only does Comfort Zone have the science sorted when it comes to skin hydration, the brand had also developed what it calls ‘sorbet’ textures for the products. This light, moussy consistency gives a feeling of thirst-quenching freshness and leaves an instant glow on the skin when it’s applied.

Comfort Zone has also taken inspiration for their Hydramemory line from the latest Korean skincare sensation: the ‘essence’. This post-cleansing and toning and pre-moisturizing product adds a hydrating layer to prepare it to better absorb serums and creams. Hydramemory Essence blends 11 activators of hydration, including apple, lentil and water melon rind, into a base of tamarind, for a light-weight liquid that adds extra preservation to the skin barrier.

It is gently patted into the skin with pressure and heat from the hands before using the 24-hour boosting Hydramemory Serum, and Hydramemory Gel (for normal and combination skin) or Hydramemory Cream (for normal or dry skin).

The line, one of more than 10 specifically-targeted ranges within the overall brand, also includes a refreshing eye gel and an immediate-effect hydrating mask. Like all Comfort Zone products that contain up to 99% natural-origin ingredients, Hydramemory is free from silicones, parabens, mineral oils, and animal derivatives. All formulas have been clinically tested at company headquarters in Parma, Italy.

“Hydramemory is one of our most popular lines,” says Barbara Gavazzoli, Comfort Zone’s Director of Communication and Education. “because it is effective for all skin types. Everyone sees an immediate plump and glowing effect, whatever their age.”

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