Heavy Lash Trend Shifting to Natural, “Their Mine” Lash Look

The lash extension and false lash styles that were celebrated pre-pandemic were maximalist, big volume and parading over the top lash length.  Post pandemic and leading into 2023, the trend for aesthetics in general has been about embracing self-care with a focus on healthier-looking skin and wellness overall, simplified maintenance and lashes taking on a more natural look. Clients want an aspirational natural lash that looks full and youthful, but not fake.  Authentic is in.

Shorter-lash extension styles have become more prevalent in the marketplace and artists are seeing the return of lighter, fluffier styles.  With the many choices of shapes in lash extensions now available, technicians are able to provide the natural, full lash look in their menu of options.  Classic extensions aim to achieve the most natural looking lashes possible, however the subtle and short extensions take it one step further by completely blending in with one’s existing lashes.  Unique lash extension methods, such as applying an individual lash one by one, instead of cluster lashes seem to be more appealing for a refined lash line. Faux mink lashes which are made of lightweight plastic are stylistically more feathery than a synthetic lash and can satisfy the current trend.  These mink lashes also adhere to the natural lash longer as they are lighter and don’t overwhelm the natural lash over synthetic lashes which are firmer, thicker and heavier.

If a client’s main focus is on a more subtle lash boost with minimalistic maintenance, then a lash lift service is a suitable choice.  Penny Fontaine, Director of Operations at Jean Madeline and Adolf Bieker Salon Group says “Week-end lashes are still popular in 2023 which lasts the guest a few days. However, lash lifts have taken over guests who had previously had lash extension services.  We are seeing more of our guests getting lash lifts than lash extensions due to wanting a more natural, feminine look.”  Penny shares that clients may also be drawn to this service as it requires little or no preparation, garners great curl of the lashes which lasts several weeks, uses no-toxic chemicals on the natural lashes, requires low maintenance and the client won’t need to pay to have them filled or removed every few weeks.

Essential Topical Ingredients that Maintain Natural Lash Hair
The popularity and demand for lash serums is aligned with this natural lash look trend and businesses are supplementing their services with retail products that help their clients achieve durable, youthful-looking lashes. Julie Gross, owner of Millennium Personal Spa in Beverly, MA says “Our clientele expects us to carry the finest skincare lines. When it comes to helping build beautiful fuller-looking lashes, RapidLash® has been our go to for years. We've tried others, but the price point is great and the results are outstanding. And when you combine RapidLash® with our Elleebana Lash Lift, there is no need to look anywhere else!”

Just as topical ingredient application is important for skin and scalp hair support, topical application of hair essential ingredients is very effective for the maintenance of lash hair.   Since lashes weaken over time, along with a multitude of assaulting environmental factors like UV, pollution, blue light, dry and cold weather, it is extremely beneficial to topically apply a lash serum to replenish lash hair that is depleted of vitamins, minerals and proteins.  Other factors such as poor diet, stress and medications can also contribute to damaged, compromised lash hair.

Investing in a lash serum that contains peptides, which are chains of amino acids or proteins, can help hydrate, nourish, and strengthen lash hair and protect against breakage. Biotin, Vitamin B-7, can boost the structure of keratin which is a basic protein that makes up hair.   Panthenol, or Vitamin B5, helps coat the lash hair and seal in moisture and nourishment. Soybean oil smooths the look of the hair cuticle, the outermost layer of a hair strand, to give hair a softer and shinier appearance.  Vitamin E in soybean oil can also help reduce oxidative damage that contributes to hair loss while moisturizing and improving lash hair elasticity.  Pumpkin seed extract, which contains omega-3s, essential fatty acids, zinc, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K is a great hair moisturizer and can promote the look of hair thickness and hair count.

As this post-pandemic focus on self-care and wellness has influenced a shift towards simpler maintenance and healthier-looking lashes, the professional market will continue to adapt to this trend offering professional lash treatments and retail products that align with clients' desires for a more authentic and feminine lash look.  While there are many lash serums available in the market, it's important to choose one that is effective and suits a client’s budget making RapidLash® the clear stand out!

RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum, infused with peptides, vitamins and minerals to support and fortify lash hair, celebrates 15 years in the beauty industry.  RapidLash® can be used with lash extensions.

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