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The Importance of Achieving Real Visible Results

Skincare goals are different for every client, so treatment plans should be customized exclusively for each client. With the RVR90TM program from Ultraceuticals, a treatment and skincare regimen is prescribed specially tailored to each client’s individual skincare concerns, whether it be acne, pigmentation, or textured skin. The RVR90TM program forms a consistent and planned approach to help customers achieve their best-ever skin. Following this 90-day plan will help clients achieve real visible results and a skincare plan to ensure they maintain these results. “The year 2022 is the seventh year of our RVR90TM program,” says Dr Geoffrey Heber, founder of Ultraceuticals. “The inspiration came when I was walking into a large department store and saw the vast number of products on display. I thought that if someone had a skin concern, how would they know which product they needed out of all these? Our products show visible results, so why not show them?”

Progressive Not Aggressive Results
Ultraceuticals trains estheticians to provide appropriate treatments to help their clients achieve maximum benefits that are progressive not aggressive. The program starts with a consultation with a skin expert using a high-resolution digital camera. The skin’s condition is captured and provides understanding of the potential skincare and professional regimen for each guest. Guests are then recommended an ULTRA performance facial treatment with more advanced ingredients such as Lactic Peel, Mandelic Peel, and Brightening Accelerator Mask, with matched homecare products to follow. Through extensive panel testing of end formulations in-house to test the ef­ficacy of new products, Heber discovered that 90 days was the ideal benchmark in seeing visible results. “I have been a judge and have witnessed many skin transformations and life-changing results from the beginning, and we’re only here seven years later because our skincare professionals and their clients love seeing this, too,” he says.

Homecare is Key
To achieve results takes daily commitment. This doesn’t have to take a long time, but it must be consistent. The RVR90TM program includes the recommendation of homecare products that are formulated to help clients continue the progressive journey of healthier-looking skin at home. According to Tracey Beeby, Global Education Technical Training Manager at Ultraceuticals, “70 percent to 80 percent of results are due to homecare skincare routine, so what guests are using in between treatments is critical.” By following the skin expert’s recommended customized 90-day homecare and professional facial treatment plans, clients can expect to achieve the best possible results for their skin.

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