Increase Revenue This Winter With Gift Sets and Seasonal Treatments

Sorella Apothecary’s seasonal sets and treatment are the gifts that keep on giving during the holidays and all winter long.

‘Tis the season for gift-giving—and dry, winter skin. Cold winter air and low humidity can wreak havoc on skin, leaving it flaky, dull, itchy, and more. This holiday season and all winter long, encourage clients to put a smile on someone’s face—and some moisture in their skin—by offering a range of gift sets in your spa’s retail space that feature winter skin-saving products. According to Danielle Munley, cofounder of Sorella Apothecary, gift sets can be a huge boost to sales for the holidays. “It gives the client something special that is also wrapped up beautifully to give as a gift or a gift to themselves,” says Munley. “These promotions can also be fun at different times throughout the year on holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day to help push sales and make buying easy.”

Gift sets are a win-win for spas, clients, and skincare companies. They help boost your spa’s revenue because they are typically more expensive than individual products, and winter gift sets offer customers the benefits of hydrated, smoother, healthier, and more youthful-looking skin. Plus, gift sets offer skincare companies the opportunity to gain more loyal customers because the gift recipient is able to try out multiple products from the company at once, which may encourage consumers to purchase again or try out different products from the company.

Because winter can create such a drastic change for the skin and it is so unpredictable and can change on a day-to-day basis, Munley recommends including a hydrating toner, like the Sorella Apothecary Watermelon Mint Hydrator in holiday bags or sets as well as a deep-moisturizing night cream like The Balm. Also, a lightweight hydrating serum like Main Squeeze works for all skin types and is a great addition to any winter skin set. For the lips, Munley recommends the Avocado Oil Lip Hydrator for use at night to really hydrate and repair lips. Sorella’s REFINE Tone, Glow & GO holiday set includes a Spiced Wine Toner, Avocado Oil Lip Hydrator, and a luxe vegan leather bag. The HYDRATE Tone, Glow & GO set includes Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist, Avocado Oil Lip Hydrator, and a luxe vegan leather bag.

Another way to encourage clients to treat their dry skin is by offering a special treatment that specifically targets winter skin, such as the Winter Glow Seasonal Facial from Sorella Apothecary. It starts with a cleanse with Apricot Mango Cleansing Milk, and a second cleanse with Lychee Willow Bark Deep Clean, followed by an application of Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist to remove excess cleanser and impurities. Next, a thin layer of Cherry Pepper Peel is applied to the skin and left on for one to three minutes, then a thin layer of Mint Poppy Seed Polish is applied and gently massaged into the skin and allowed to sit for five minutes before it is removed with a lukewarm towel. Extractions are then performed, if needed. Another application of Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist follows to remove excess exfoliant and impurities, then a facial massage using Massage Butter is performed. An application of Rehab Recovery Mask is applied and sits on the skin for eight to ten minutes before being removed. Skin is then sprayed with Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist. While the mask sits, a neck, back, and shoulder massage using Massage Butter is performed. Post-massage, an application of Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum is lightly massaged into skin until fully absorbed, followed by a thin layer of Lemon Lightening Serum, Yogurt Kale Eye Concentrate around the eye area, The Balm, and Tropical Topical Matte SPF 30 for a matte finish or Quench and Protect SPF 30 for drier skin types. An application of Avocado Oil Lip Hydrator to the lips completes the facial.

According to Munley, the best way to promote gift sets and seasonal treatments is to use social media to get the word out. When it comes to gift sets and products, she recommends making sure people know that the spa is not only a place to get treatments but also a retailer. “Take two top-selling products, tie them up in an adorable manner, add a bell or a cute tie, and sell them at a slight discount,” says Munley. “Do this for other holidays, too, to make your clients’ shopping easy.” She also recommends making sure the retail area is clean, beautiful, and easy for clients to browse. “Less is more in this area because when it’s too cluttered, shopping becomes overwhelming,” says Munley. “Also, ensure your sales team and front desk team are well-versed in product knowledge and are ready to sell.”

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.