Your Little Guide for BIG Spring Promotions

Do you dread thinking of new ways to reinvent promotions and special occasions? How many times a year can you discount the same service, the same way, without your clients becoming accustomed to a “holiday promotion”? Not to worry! We did it for you. We put together this booklet help you discover different ways to promote upcoming springtime holidays and special occasions.

With our Little Book of BIG Ideas: Spring and Summer Promotions, you can plan and organize your marketing efforts so that you are equipped with new ideas on how to promote your business and your services.  

Here are some springtime holidays and special occasions to keep in mind when planning your promotions:

1.  Wedding Season – Are you taking advantage of wedding season at your business? From wedding prep, to consultations, to bachelorette (and bachelor) parties, to day-of-wedding glam, there are several ways to market your business to the bride, groom, and everyone in between.

TIP: Not sure where to start? Consider attending a bridal show in your area to connect with brides and other local vendors.

2.  Mother’s Day – Spa gift cards are always a great way to treat mom to something special. Set yourself apart from the rest with unique Mother’s Day offerings.

TIP:  Because Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, and most spas are closed, offer a special the week prior, or few days leading up to the holiday.

3.  Father’s Day – Men need TLC, too! Help your clients show Dad a little love with some specials made just for him.

TIP:  Male clients are more loyal than female clients. Create an unforgettable experience for Dad and retain a new client at the same time.

4. Prom – Prom and spa prep go hand-in-hand; not just for the girls, but for the guys, too. Comparable to a wedding, prom signifies a momentous event; one that comes with pictures, lots of pictures.

                TIP: Make your prom special unique by offering a little something extra like an emergency prom kit, complete with the most important products to maintain their prom look.

Adjusting your spa’s marketing strategy even just a little bit can help produce exceptional results. Download our Little Book of BIG Ideas: Spring and Summer Promotions to take full advantage of marketing and event ideas so that you are prepared and ready to make this upcoming season your most profitable yet.

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