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SweetSpot Labs® Intimate GroomingTM products are the first-movers in a hot new niche for women. The SweetSpot concept was born out of the personal struggle of its creator Shari Creed. For years Creed sought medical and alternative attention for what was diagnosed as low-grade cystitis, amongst other things, and which appeared to have no solution. Determined to find the root of her problem, Creed did extensive research on her condition, leading her to the discovery that many of her shampoos and body care cleansers contained known irritants that can create sensitivities and were not pH balanced for optimum health.

Most bar soaps have an inherent pH of 10, while the 'sweet spot's' ideal pH is acidic, somewhere between 3.5 and 4.5. This pH imbalance causes irritation and compromises the body. "Our sensitive anatomy is not designed to be challenged like that daily, says Creed. "Unlike most soaps,
shampoos, and body washes, SweetSpot Labs® products contain the appropriate pH levels by using only mild ingredients specially chosen to blend with soothing botanicals and essential oils."

Creed understands the beauty industry. While she still runs her branding, imaging, and product development company whose clients include the likes of cosmetic giants such as Aveda, Lancôme, Bath & Bodyworks and more, she took out a
home equity loan after failing to garner interest in the "intimate grooming" niche from the cosmetics industry. Her goal was to prove the need, while offering women a
collection of intimate grooming with a unique point of difference. "I basically hired myself to grow the brand," said Creed.

"Cuticle care is a multi-million dollar industry, yet products for women's sexual well-being is an area of personal care that has been relatively ignored, says Creed "I feel it's time to put a stake in the ground,
declare a category, and tell an entire personal care industry that women deserve, want, and need access to the right beauty and well-being product, for the purpose of intimate grooming.'

SweetSpot Lab's hip line of intimate grooming products have a growing following with spas as a new protocol for waxing services. Estheticians use the Wipettes first to gently cleanse soothe and condition your bikini area to decrease the chances of irritation. After the waxing is complete, Balancing Mist is sprayed in order to reduce the possibility of redness and bumps while nourishing the skin and leaving a woman with a soft and silky, and smooth feel.

SweetSpot Labs® Intimate GroomingTM products are available for back bar and retail sales in spas nationwide. For information, visit www.sweetspotlabs.com or 1 877 sweetspot.