Taking the Waters has introduced Thera:Vie Innovative Healing Therapy, a groundbreaking skin moisturizing system utilizing disposable, bio-degradable Gloves and Booties infused with high quality serum. Easy-to-use and mess-free, Thera:Vie Gloves and Booties offer an attractive alternative to more costly and time-consuming hand and foot treatments.

"Thera:Vie products are truly groundbreaking in the skin treatment arena and they promise to relieve the mess, expense and hassle typically associated with providing high quality hand and foot treatments," says Taking the Waters partner, Marguerite Koch. Just slip on Thera:Vie Gloves or Booties for as little as 20 minutes and the skin is infused with hazelnut, safflower and grapeseed oils along with Vitamins A&E, resulting in a luxurious, high quality skin treatment.

The serum inside, previously only available in expensive face products, is activated by the body's natural heat, allowing the skin-nourishing botanicals to permeate the top three layers of the skin. Spa professionals may place a warm mitt or towel over the gloves or booties to enhance the experience for their guests.

Thera:Vie 's reasonable price point at just over $2/pair for gloves and $2.50/pair for booties makes them a viable alternative to providing high quality skin treatments at a fraction of the time and cost normally required.

The patented, fragrance-free Thera:Vie serum is combined with medical grade polyethylene glove and bootie carriers that do not contain latex, rubber, powder, alcohol or vinyl materials that may cause irritation. The result is a high quality, hypoallergenic skin treatment that's perfect for all skin types.

Thera:Vie Gloves and Booties are the perfect alternative to messy paraffin. Since each client gets her own pair, Thera:Vie Gloves and Booties are also more sanitary than traditional paraffin treatments.

"Their ease of use, versatility, and excellent price point make Thera:Vie Gloves and Booties appealing for so many different uses both inside and outside a spa," also notes Ms. Koch. Thera:Vie's attractive price point and discrete size (they fit into a 6x6 envelope) make them great gift amenities for spa clients at any time of year. Thera:Vie Gloves and Booties may also be used as hotel guest room amenities, advertising vehicles or promotional tools.

Taking the Waters is the manufacturer and distributor of Thera:Vie Products,
marketed exclusively to spas and salons. For more information, please contact Taking the Waters at 908-832-4215 or