Three Simple Ways to Boost Nail Salon Business

The professional nailcare industry is growing rapidly —double-digit growth in 2012 is proof— but that also means more competition from new spas and salons. How can savvy spa and salon owners make their beauty spots stand out and take advantage of the increasing number of potential clients?

Here are three simple tips from nail scheduling software company Appointment-Plus for attracting new and loyal customers:

  1. Maximize social media— Promote discounts, and encourage loyal customers with “fan specials” on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Add online scheduling to make booking a breeze so customers can conveniently purchase services all in one spot.
  2. Promote a referral program— A referral program only works when customers are aware of it, so mention it often on social media pages, the spa or salon Web site, each time a client checks out, and in lobby fliers.
  3. Offer unique services—Research trends to see what innovative services are hot in the professional nail industry, and add new services to the menu to distinguish your spa or salon from the rest.

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