Deserving Thyme products

Deserving Thyme, Canadian-based manufacturer of hard working, naturally inspired "body care with a healthy attitude" has launched a signature pedicure spa treatment that will deliver "feet too sexy for your shoes!

The products used in this signature treatment are naturally derived from active concentrations of aromatherapy grade essential oils, skin-loving vitamins and plant extracts. Products contain no synthetic colors. Animal testing? As if!

Deserving Thyme products and their signature "Too Sexy For Your Shoes" Pedicure Treatment are designed for people on the go... who demand quality products and time-efficient treatments.

Deserving Thyme's "Too Sexy For Your Shoes" Pedicure Treatment is designed to nourish the skin, promote overall body wellness and inspire the feet exhibitionist in all of us!
Treatment products include:
§ Natural Anti Bacterial Wash,
§ Moisturizing Foot Soak in rich Shea Butter,
§ Purifying Foot Scrub in pure Oceanic Clay,
§ Conditioning Foot Cream in Shea Butter,
§ Energizing Foot Spray with menthol.

Deserving Thyme continually researches the newest botanicals and natural-based ingredients ensuring a clean and results-oriented line. Pampering clients and exceeding their expectations while driving spa sales and profits...that's Deserving Thyme's focus each and every day!

Everyone is deserving.

For more information please contact:
Fulvio Bondi
1.888.468.4963 ext. 224 or [email protected]