Traditional Floral Spa Treatment

flower spa treatment

flower spa treatmentWhile some regions of the country are buried under surprise snowdrifts, New Yorkers came out to play this weekend and to enjoy the warm air of spring. I joined them and upped my step-count this weekend—I wandered around Central Park and wound my way through some of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. Everywhere I looked there were fresh flowers blooming. These petals definitely put a spring in my step, and flowers serve as a fitting inspiration for a new treatment at Spa Matilda at Hotel Matlida (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico). Here, spa-goers can immerse themselves in floral essences during the Floral Compresses treatment ($97, 90 minutes), which is based on Native American techniques that release the healing properties of nature. The petals are known to ease tension, smooth the skin, balance the nervous system, and calm muscles so they are a perfect fit for a relaxing spa experience. The service begins with warm compresses of dried flowers—calendula, lavender, orange blossom, and rose—applied all over the body and gently massaged into the skin. “With the seasonal burst of new blossoms, spring is the ideal time of year to offer this unique stress-relieving and balancing treatment that adapts indigenous concepts of tapping the rejuvenating power of flowers,” says Bruce James director of Hotel Matilda.

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