All Eyes on Eyelids

While we’re all innudated with tips for working out our bodies, I recently received some handy instructions from the experts at The New You Med Spa in Dallas to help keep an oft-ignored body part looking great—our eyelids. Want to help your clients fight some of the eyelid droopyness that comes with facial aging? Then pass along this simple facial exercise from Eva Fraser's Facial Fitness program.


1. Look straight ahead into the mirror throughout this exercise.

2. Curve index fingers under eyebrows then raise your eyebrows and hold against the bone.

3. Close lids and stretch upper eyelids downwards in five small movements.

4. Hold for a count of six.

5. Release the squeeze slowly in three counts

6. Open lids, relax, and breathe.

7. Repeat twice.

*Alternatively place four fingers of each hand just under the line of eyebrows and proceed as above.