American Spa Editor Takes on Spa Week

There are many popular weeks around Manhattan, some glam and hectic like Fashion Week, others more suspenseful like Shark Week. One that’s topping my list now is Spa Week. I was able to enjoy a couple treatments at local spas participating in Spa Week to see for myself.

My first stop was The Red Door Spa-Union Square (go in-depth on this glamorous outpost). This urban retreat made me feel more glamorous just upon walking through the doors. Down below, in the subterranean treatment rooms, my stress was brushed and buffed away. I indulged in the De-Stress Body Treatment ($50, 50 minutes). I selected a signature scent and after a thorough dry brushing, my skin was moisturized and replenished with luxurious products ready to take on the city for another day.

Next, I opted for a facial service and turned to Joanna Vargas Salon and Skin Care Sanctuary. Known for celeb clients with sparkling skin, I knew I was in good hands for The Power Peel, an Organic Resurfacing Treatment ($50, 50 minutes). During a lunch hour, I experienced microdermabrasion, an organic enzyme peel, LED light, and an oxygenating infusion. Needless to say my skin was glowing when I headed back to the office.

Is your spa participating in Spa Week? What treatments do you offer at a discountto entice new clients?

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