American Spa on Global Wellness Day

Global Wellness Day at American Spa

Global Wellness Day at American SpaHere at American Spa, we don't simply write about spas and the wellness industry. We live it out in our own individual ways each and every day. That incudes Global Wellness Day, and this year here's what our team plans to do on GWD.

  • "I will be on a plane headed to my first kid-free vacation in two years. Along with keeping hydrated and foregoing unhealthy snacks in flight, I plan to get lots of sleep, soak up the sun (while wearing sunscreen, of course), and eny my day with a long meditative walk on the beach."—Julie Keller Callaghan, editor-in-chief/publisher
  • "For the second year in a row, my daughters and I will be taking part in the annual Mad Dash Adventure Race. The three of us will be saying 'YES' to wellness as we run, jump, crawl, carry, and climb our way through the two-mile obstacle course."—Lucy Hugo, eastern regional account manager
  • "As it looks like I'll be traveling this Wellness Day, I'm going to plan ahead with some healthy snacks for the plane. I'm hoping I'll also be able to catch up on some much-needed rest. While I try to make healthy choices every day, I rarely drink enough water. That's one healthy change I can make, even at an altitude of 30,000 feet."—Heather Mikesell, executive editor
  • "If it's a sunny day, I plan to participate in one of the GWD complimentary outdoor yoga classes in Central Park. If the weather doesn't cooperate, I'll do an indoor fitness class, enjoy a healthy dinner with my husband, and get to sleep early."—Jennifer Nied, senior edtior
  • "My goal is to get to bed by 10:30 pm so that I am better rested for the next day's challenges. I plan to incorporate tea to help me relax from the day."—Kristina Panter, director, integrated media sales, western region
  • "I plan to celebrate GWD by traveling out to Long Island for the annual One Healthy Hamptons at Gurney's Montauk Resort & Wellthily, an innovative company that helps develop first-class healthy lifestyle programs."—Darby Radcliff, editorial & sales coordinator
  • "If it's a nice day, my family and I will plan to hang out by the waterfront, play outdoors, stay hydrated, and use plenty of sunscreen. We will also try to get extra sleep and eat healthy meals that include smoothies."—Lisa Realmuto-Walsh, art director