American Spa Staff New Year's Resolutions

On staff at American Spa, we read pages and pages of health news, skincare updates, and relaxation recommendations so we had plenty of inspiration when it came time to announce our own New Year's Resolutions. Here are the wellness changes we plan to incorporate into our lives in 2014:

  • "New gyms and fitness fads are popping up around the clock, so this year I want to take advantage of them by trying at least one new class, the crazier the better, every week." (Jennifer Barnes, associate editor)
  • "My 2014 resolution is to eat cleaner. I am going to spend less time in supermarkets and more time at our local markets. I am a firm believer in the 'you are what you eat' concept, so I am hoping my overall wellness will benefit from healthier eating habits." (Monica Helmstetter, eastern regional account manager)
  • "My New Year's resolution is to spend time outside or 'earthing,' as my spa friends call it. In October, we welcomed a new puppy to the family. He is an energetic little guy who needs to be taken outside frequently, so now I am forced to stop and take much-needed breaks out of my busy day to enjoy the outdoors." (Lucy Hugo, eastern regional account manager)
  • "After getting married in September, I immediately went into nesting mode. My resolution is to purge the things we don't use anymore. It's hard to find the time, but it is important for health of body and mind." (Kara Magliaro, art director)
  • "Some of my 2014 health and wellness resolutions are to treat recreation as a priority. I'd like to perform more physical activities outside, instead of indoors, and recommit to my daily Pilates practice." (Jessica Morrobel, editorial & sales coordinator)
  • "My resolution is to continue to run for exercise and to clear my mind as often as I can. My goal is to make it a priority to take time for myself, focus on healthy outlets, and surround myself with outhers who are positive influences." (Kristina Panter, director, integrated media sales, western region)

What are your thoughts on New Year's Resolutions?