Are You Inspired?

The past two weeks have been beyond hectic for me. I have spent every morning traveling all the way downtown to serve on the grand jury for four hours before taking two subways to get to work. And because we are shipping our March issue, there have been quite a few late nights at the office. By the time I get home, all I want to do is crawl into bed. This schedule has been wearing me down so much that I haven't been exercising as usual or eating properly, I've been cancelling plans with friends, I can barely muster enough energy to return a phone call, and I have been semi-cranky to be around. But that all changed when I got an email introducing me to a line of inspirational and motivational products, and I spotted a candle with the sentence, "Are You Choosing Happiness?" written on it. The answer was no. Once I realized such a simple thing, it was easy to fix. The company that makes the candle, "Are You?," also makes other items, such as shirts and jewelry, all with an inspirational or motivational message, which everyone could use now and then. For ideas on more inspirational items you can offer in your spa, check out our retail section, Shelf Life, in our March issue. Now, after a long day of jury duty and work, I'm choosing my happiness by meeting a friend for dinner.