Bacteria for Beauty

skincare and bacteria, bacteria on skin, AOBiome, Mother Dirt, new skincareIt was love at first spritz when I tried my first facial mist. Now, I never board a plane without it, and I have at least 10 varieties of hydration sprays in my cabinet. The moisturizing ingredients, sweet scents, and extra skincare benefits add up to a winning combination for me. What I sincerely hope is not included in any of the sprays: bacteria. One company is aiming to switch our thinking on bacteria. AOBiome, a biotech startup based in Cambridge, MA, has developed a live-bacteria solution to mist on the face and body. Mother Dirt, as it’s affectionately called, derives the key ingredient (ammonia-oxidizing bacteria) from the soil. In the lab, ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) has been shown to convert the urea and ammonia in sweat into nitrite, which fights a range of bad bacteria, and anti-inflammatory nitric oxide. The company also has bacteria-friendly shampoo and cleanser available, and early adopters are reaping the healthy skin benefits. With taglines including, “Rethink Clean” and “Go Ahead, Get a Little Dirty,” the bacteria-based products may be well on their way to appealing to a wider audience including your clients. The company is also embarking on a Phase II study to develop an AOB-based acne medication with the F.D.A.’s guidance. Perhaps it’s time for me to try out one more facial spray.

What do you think? Would you try bacteria-infused products?