Balance Booster

I’m far from a seasoned yogi, but I enjoy an occasional flow and warrior series. Working closely with the spa industry has offered many more opportunities to improve my lackluster practice. One I was especially excited to check out was the new SUP Yoga Workshop at the Pure Yoga location near my apartment. Done on Indo Yoga Boards, this class imitates the stability challenge of floating on a paddleboard and incorporates traditional yoga techniques—without the fear of falling overboard. It lived up to its description and certainly was demanding to maintain balance, steady flow through poses, and a focused mind. Even without a heated room, I left the class quite sweaty and exhilarated from the tough workout. The compact Indo boards offer even landlocked spas the opportunity to add a unique yoga practice, indoor or outdoor, to the fitness menu for guests, even challenging the experts. I, for one, am definitely onboard with this trend!

What does your spa offer for yogis of all levels?