Bali Wellness Journeys integrates spas and wellness

Providing a new path to health and wellbeing

Bali, Indonesia … Bali Wellness Journeys is open to visitors that may be on a path to integrated wellbeing.  More than just enjoying a Spa experience, the Journeys will unify your spirit, soul, and body while being guided by local and Western expertise. We connect you with selected specialists offering a wide range of skills in treatments and practices located at some of Bali’s best secret locations.  Enhancing wellbeing and widening perspectives from a single treatment experience and introducing Bali’s healing practices.

Taking the time, while on holiday in Bali, to explore the various wellness practices is safe, affordable, and professional with our relationships and knowledge. Expand your ability to reduce depression, stress, as well as create a vibrant, fun lifestyle. During our travels throughout Bali and across Indonesia, we have discovered possibilities unknown to travel specialists or other visitors.  

'After years of dealing with traditional western medicines and practices – which offer incomplete integrated wellness – we decided to share the local traditional healing beliefs and methods in combination with western concepts and skills,' says Dick McCune, one of the Company Investors

'Bali is widely recognized as the Spa Capital of Asia year after year though not necessarily known for its Wellness offerings. With my involvement in a recently published Tour & Travel book showcasing the variety of possibilities, as well as the launch of the movie version of 'Eat, Pray, Love,'  our Journeys provide a path for each person to find their own path to Wellbeing not just following in another’s path,' says Putu Ernawati, Managing Director. She goes onto say, that 'Wellness is more than just a Massage or a Yoga class, that the path to Wellbeing encompasses aspects as diverse as Fitness, Nutrition, Beauty, Complementary and Alternative therapies, and Mind & Body experiences. I want to share my home with the world.'

Wellness Journeys include a professional consultation with a specialist of various Therapies then accompanied by an English speaking Balinese professional who provides experiences and memories that will have you emerge from your holiday with a bright new attitude or outlook on health & wellbeing. All Journeys include traditional healthy drinks, refreshing cold towels, and a small gift as well as transportation.

Bali Wellness Journeys are also available for Consulting, Trade, and Business Development. We organize professional Study Tours, Retreats, Hotel/Resort Integration programs, as well as Holistic Events, as coordinated and directed by our primary consultant, Mary Darling, who is located at

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