Barre None

As we're approaching the last week of the year, I'm happy to say I've stuck to my 2014 New Year's Resolution very well. Back in our January issue, each member of the American Spa staff shared their lofty goals for 2014, check them out here. I resolved to try a new workout class each week. Now I haven't been perfect, and I definitely don't have 52 new classes under my belt, but I have given this resolution my all, a lot of sweat, and a couple tears, and I'm still forging on ahead. One of my favorite discoveries during my exploratory fitness year has been the varied barre classes offered throughout New York City. Generally lower intensity, high burn choreography, these ballet inspired classes are serious about improving muscle tone and strength, which is perfectly in line with my personal fitness goals. One particular style that appealed to me was Stoked C3BarreMax at BFX Studio (New York City). It's an athletic, cardio version still incorporating traditional barre technique and done with sneakers for the plyometric moves. This class was no joke, and it's clear where the celeb trainer Kira Stokes gets her physique, her own class creations do the trick. It started with a 6-minute series of planks with no rest for weary abs or arms and it only intensifed from there for a total of 45 minutes. I'll definitely keep this on list as I'm coming up with a new resolution to carry me through 2015.

How did you fare with your own New Year's Resolutions this year?