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esthechoc, nutricosmetics, supplements, skincare, esthechoc, chocolate supplement, anti-aging, scientific research, nutricosmeticsThe old adage 'you are what you eat' has never been truer. Nutricosmetics, supplements, and edible skincare are popping up all over. Not to mention the increasing research supporting the connection between a balanced diet filled with fresh produce and a glowing complexion. My own face definitely doesn’t hide my previous day’s indulgences or healthy choices, so I’m a believer. With the latest research and product launch, I don’t have to choose between indulging and feeding my skin well. Esthechoc’s 72.6 percent dark chocolate combines the natural benefits of cacao with added anti-aging ingredients, its proprietary Astracelles, all backed by scientific research. Astracelles include a combination of antioxidants with a natural extract derived from algae and polyphenols from cocoa sealed together to preserve potency and natural flavor. It’s been shown to enhance microcirculation in skin, oxygen saturation, and detoxification for a firmer more radiant appearance in three weeks.

I think all of your clients would be on board with a detox chocolate!

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