Behind the Beauty Scene

It's part of the job description working at American Spa to go behind the scenes throughout the industry to learn more about it so we can share tips, tricks, and the latest innovations with all of you. Recently I was invited to visit NuWorld Beauty, manufacturer of Hard Candy cosmetics and a variety of other beauty brands, as a part of a Willy Wonka themed press day. In addition to a sneak preview of the upcoming holiday products, I was taken on a group tour of the facility to see what's hiding behind closed doors. I saw lip gloss swirling and cooking in a pot so big I had to climb up a staircase to see its contents. In another room there was nail polish trotting down the conveyer belt, lipstick cooling in molds, and bronzer being fitted into packaging. It smelled as delicious as it looked. I felt like a kid in a candy store; a beauty editor in a makeup factory. 

I was surprised by the number of handmade items. It made sense when I learned that each day the assembly lines churn out any number of different products, so hand production allows for flexibility. Through all stages of the process, from research and development to popping lipstick out of molds to recommending the right regiment to a client, people play a key role.

Are cosmetics a part of your retail area and what influenced the brands and products available to spa guests?