Bliss Introduces The Happy Cleanse by Joulebody

Anyone who has ever done a cleanse knows it's no walk in the park. I decided to do a three-day Blueprint cleanse a couple of years ago. While I managed to survive the three days, I gave up drinking the juices on day two. I guess you could say my three-day cleanse was more of a fast than anything else. I have a hard enough time staying hydrated. Fortunately, eating has never been an issue, which is why I'm tempted to try The Happy Cleanse ($279) from Bliss Spa. The name alone makes me think it might be more akin to that walk in the park than all-juice cleanses. Teaming up with food-based cleanse company Joulebody, Bliss is offering a three-day detox plan made up of solid foods that are natural, fresh, vegan, gluten, and dairy-free. The menu, which encompasses three days worth of food, includes two meals, two snacks, and two juices for each day. Guests simply complete the online survey, choose the date they'd like to begin the cleanse, and then start detoxing without the feeling of deprivation that often comes when one gives up food for any period of time. What, if any, cleanse would you be interested in introducing to your spa clientele?