Blooming Benefits

At the beginning of March I had the pleasure of attending an intimate garden party thrown by Guerlain. Even though it had snowed that week, the flowers were all in full bloom inside the New York Botanical Gardens Aquatic Plant Room. In the midst of an especially cold, snowy winter it was such a relief to wander around the tropical flowers and plants. It felt worlds away from the white wonderland just outside. Orchids were the focus, as it was the opening night of the Orchid Show Evenings. There were near perfect examples of all sizes and colors of orchids. I learned orchids don't just look beautiful, they can help make skin more radiant and youthful too. These flowers are some of the most diverse and well-adapted, as they thrive in varied habitats around the world. Orchids are a wonder of longevity, with flowers blooming much longer than other floral species. Skincare companies, such as Guerlain, have been able to extract key components in the long-lasting blooms that have the same effects on the skin. Its Orchidée Impériale line relies on four different orchids to help spa-goers defy aging.

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