The BodyHoliday Helps Guests Achieve a New High

While I love a good spin class, I don't particularly care for the gloomy spin studios in which they're generally found. Dim the lights, and pedal to your heart's content. That seems to be the routine. However, The BodyHoliday (Saint Lucia) is taking its spin classes to new heights with the debut of a new tree-top Spin Studio. With floor-to-ceiling glass walls, the studio is set high on a hill, above the trees. Cyclers can now focus on breathtaking ocean views when they need a distraction. And because the endorphins guests get from spinning aren't always enough to keep the winter blues at bay, the property has introduced the SAD Program for Happy People. Helping to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the three-, five-, or seven-day experience involves nutritional counseling, meditation, reiki, tai chi for stress reduction, and a variety of SAD-combating spa treatments. If that doesn't get guests smiling, St. Lucia's tropical climate certainly will.

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