In the buff

Body Harmony Transformation Scrub Odyssey

Where: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa (Farmington, PA)

Time: 20 minutes

Price: $65

Products: Private Label

The Body Harmony Transformation Scrub Odyssey transports clients further than Homer could have envisioned. It starts with an exfoliation and ends with a rich passion flower spray and hydrating lotion. Essential oils and mineral salts are mixed on the premises. Key notes in the spa's signature woodsy blend used in the treatment include Chinese ginger (stimulates antioxidants that fight fatigue, muscle aches, and poor circulation), mandarin (assists with detoxification), frankincense (calms the nerves and helps slow breathing to a state of relaxation), and moss (contains a high level of moisturizing vitamin E). Guests can choose from a variety of Scrub Odysseys using the same polish with a range of other botanical infusions. The service is performed in a wet treatment room equipped with a Vichy shower and table. After one side of the body is completely polished with the salt mixture, the technician uses the overhead Vichy shower and alternating hot and cold water, a technique that is said to build the immune system and energize the body. The client then flips over and has the same treatment on the other side to exfoliate dead skin cells. A neck-to-toe application of lotion scented to match the scrub is performed to seal moisture into the newly revealed skin. All guests are invited to try complimentary fresh fruits, cucumber-infused water, a selection of herbal teas, and pumpkin seeds.

Salt and Oil Scrub

Where: The Spa at Mandarin Oriental (Miami)

Time: 50 minutes

Price: $100 and up (depending on room)

Products: E'Spa, Environ, Jane Iredale

"We don't do every treatment exactly the same each time," says spa director Osa Mallo. The Salt and Oil Scrub treatment comes in two varieties: Invigorating (a citrus cocktail of lime, grapefruit, and menthol for an added zing to cool the skin) and Relaxing (cinnamon, clove, and rosemary to aid tired, aching muscles; relieve headaches; and stimulate circulation).

The esthetician exfoliates and smoothes the skin using natural sea salt mixed with essential oils of sunflower and coconut. Then, the client is exfoliated on the back of the body, followed by the front of the body. Finally, the guest rinses off in the room shower. The esthetician discourages using soap after the treatment because "you want the oils to penetrate and work their magic."

Mango Sugar Glo Treatment

Where: Canyon Ranch Berkshires Health Resort (Lenox, MA)

Time: 50 minutes

Price: $120

Products: DDF, Essentiel Elements, Laura Mercier

Derived from natural products like raw sugar, jojoba esters, beta carotene, and aloe vera, this body scrub enhances the skin with rejuvenating and moisturizing effects. The guest enters the treatment room and lays on a towel-clad wet table. The treatment begins with a light exfoliation to clear and balance the skin. Vitamin C and potassium in the mango extract work as antioxidants and help tone the skin. After the scrub has been applied to the entire body, the esthetician washes it off with sprayed water. Next, a mango gel is applied with a loofah sponge to slough off any remaining dead skin. The body is rinsed off again, after which time the client does a final rinse in a private 28-square-foot Swiss shower with 15 jets (three sides with five heads on each). Upon returning to a freshly toweled table, the client is treated to a vitamin-enriched mango moisturizer which is applied to soften and smooth even the roughest skin.

Chocolate Body Bliss

Where: Relax.Now Day Spa (San Francisco)

Time: 50 minutes

Price: $98

Products: B. Kamins, Dermalogica, Issimo, Skinceuticals, Yon-Ka

To begin the treatment, the esthetician leads the guest into the treatment room where she or he is offered warm tea. After the client takes some time to relax, the esthetician covers the back with Chocolate Meringue cleansing grains, a salt-based scrub made on the premises from chocolate, sea salts, and antioxidant grapeseed oil. The client's skin is gently exfoliated starting at the feet, and after the front of the body is finished, the guest rolls over to allow the esthetician to exfoliate the back of the body. Once the entire body is covered with chocolate, the esthetician places a steam canopy over the table to create the feeling of being in a sauna without the client having to leave the treatment table. The canopy circulates intense steam from the feet up toward the head for 15 minutes using a built-in fanning system. The head is exposed so the client's face is out of the heat. The esthetician places a cold towel around the neck and eyes and gives the client a head massage until the steam tent is removed. This process allows for cleansing and gives the sea salts and oils a chance to penetrate the skin. Next, the client steps into a Swedish shower with six body jets which can be redirected as necessary. Icing on the cake? A rubdown with chocolate souffle cream made with shea butter.

Jun: The Honey Jojoba Body Scrub

Where: Adji Spa at The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort (Phoenix)

Time: 80 minutes

Price: $165

Products: Essentiel Elements, Pevonia

Most of the treatments offered at Adji Spa are derived from traditional Native American rituals. Jun, which means honey in the language of the Pima Tribe, appropriately suits this treatment scrub made from a soothing blend of honey, jojoba beads, and lactic and citric acids. When massaged into the skin, the mixture removes dry, unwanted cells from the skin's surface. The guest begins the treatment lying face down in a Vichy room while the esthetician applies the scrub to the client's back, arms, legs, and feet, then rinses it off. Next, the guest turns onto his or her back, and the scrub is applied in circular motions to the front of the body. After the front is rinsed off, the guest is taken to a massage room through a hallway decorated with Native American tribal accoutrements. A 50-minute full-body massage follows in a beautifully decorated massage room, complete with chenille blankets and Native American designs. To conclude the treatment, whipped shea butter and healing botanicals are massaged into the body to nourish dry, sensitive skin.

Orange Blossom Body Buff

Where: Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms Resort (Phoenix)

Time: 60 minutes

Price: $115

Products: Kerstin Florian, Private Label

The spa's signature Orange Blossom Body Buff echoes the small orange grove on the property, which is known to emit wonderfully fragrant aromas. The treatment includes an exfoliation or wrap, cascading shower, hydrotherapy bath, and a massage in the private garden. It also includes a scalp and neck massage while the client is cocooned in warmth and finishes with an application of rich body lotion and mists of neroli water. Orange Blossom Body Buff incorporates neroli oil, a naturally balanced moisturizing essential oil from the bitter orange blossom that helps restore moisture and supports the skin's renewal process. Neroli oil and water are mixed with a thermal mineral scrub, which contains aromatherapy oils and ingredients derived from Hungarian thermal mineral waters. The scrub is applied from toe-to-neck, working the blood toward the heart to increase circulation. Vitamin lotion from Kerstin Florian is then applied, containing tocopherol (a pure form of vitamin E). Finally, neroli water body mist is spritzed on the client's body to tone and rehydrate the skin.

Hydro-Active Mineral Salt Scrub

Where: DeFranco Spagnolo Salon and Day Spa (Great Neck, NY)

Time: 40 minutes

Price: $100

Products: Dermalogica, Repechage

Mineral rich sea salt, dried seaweed, and fruit enzymes combine to smooth and silken the entire body in this salt scrub treatment, which includes a dry-brushing, a friction massage, and gentle cloth buffing. Guests are greeted by the spa director before being guided to the upper quarters of the spa, where they are offered a selection of herbal tea, citrus-infused water, and fresh fruits. The therapist asks questions about the guest's health, body, and goal for the treatment. Once the guest has relaxed on the towel-covered table, the therapist uncovers the body section-by-section to massage salts mixed with essential oils into the skin using a body brush. The therapist customizes the treatment by mixing oil into the salts first to create a type of batter and then uses additional oil applied with the hands. "Oils help provide the gliding effect to get friction on the skin," says spa manager Jennifer Spagnolo. After the body is completely buffed, the client is left in the room to relax on the treatment table. When the therapist returns, the scrub is removed with a cloth buffing, which leaves the skin smooth without causing additional friction. A private shower is available if the client prefers. The treatment is recommended for anyone looking to get rid of rough, dry skin. "It's a great summer treatment or for someone who wants to wear a backless dress," Spagnolo adds.

Belgian Rose Mineral Salt Scrub

Where: Susan Ciminelli Spa at Bergdorf Goodman (New York City)

Time: $110

Price: 30 minutes

Products: Private Label

Spa Manager Larissa Parsons explains that oils of Belgian rose replenish moisture as the mineral salts used in this treatment are massaged into the skin, removing dead cells and improving blood circulation. As the client relaxes on the massage table, the scrub is applied and massaged into the skin starting at the feet and moving up toward the neck. After the front and back of the body are completely resurfaced, the client rinses off in the shower. Owner Susan Ciminelli does not recommend using gel or soap in the shower directly following the treatment. Instead, she suggests allowing the natural oil to remain on the skin to encourage a more thorough penetration.