Burger King and Spa Join Forces in Finland

Burger King sauna in FinlandI rarely set foot in a fast food restaurant anymore. The processed fake food options simply don't appeal to me as much as fresh vegetables, fruits, and homecooked meals. A new fast food concept in Helsinki, Finland, may actually entice me and spa professionals to walk through the door. A Burger King there now has a spa inside, with saunas all decked out in the brand's colors with bright blue benches, white walls, and red accents. The logo is front and center on the walls and towels. Designed by Teuvo Loman, the sauna is even equipped with a television to help those who get antsy sitting still for too long. And of course, the full Burger King menu is available for delivery right into the spa area. The restaurant won third place in Euromonitor's 2016 New Concepts in Foodservice Context: Customisation, Technology, and New Experiences. This is definitely a new experience in a fast food chain. Spa-goers can freshen up with showers, dressing rooms, and a lounge within the spa area. According to the restaurant website, the 10-person and 15-person saunas are available for rent ($285, 3 hours) for corporate events, birthday parties, and more. Saunas are an integral part of the local culture, so the addition isn't quite as whacky as it might first appear. This whopper of a wellness idea certainly gives new meaning to meat sweats.

Burger King sauna in Finland

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