Chakra Cheat Sheet

As a relative newbie to the spa scene, I'm always looking for opportunities to learn more about the industry—what makes it tick, innovative techniques, and the unique philosophies that guide effective relaxation. One ancient philosophy that has definitely experienced a resurgence in recent years is the chakra system. The term chakra is Sanskrit for wheel and the chakra energy centers are junctions between the mind and body. Several spas have incorporated menu items organized by chakras, meditation walks to address each energy center, and other active modalities. Here's a quick refresher from Aveda on what each of the seven chakras is and what it means in the spa world.

  • Chakra 1: The root chakra is the foundation of the entire system. It is the center where we ground ourselves and fulfill our basic needs.
  • Chakra 2: The pleasure/lumbar center moves beyond our basic needs to our relationships with others. It is the center of nourishmnet, sexuality, and sensation.
  • Chakra 3: The power/solar plexus center is about motivation and tapping into one's own power. In this energy center, we set our intentions and desires, moving out into the world to establish ourselves.
  • Chakra 4: The heart center is about connecting to others. It is the center that gives us the ability to see other points of view and to feel sympathy, empathy, and love.
  • Chakra 5: The creative/throat center is about creativity and self-expression. In this energy center, one expresses ideas and communicates effectively.
  • Chakra 6: The intuition/brow center is about developing one's intuition, imagination, and perception.
  • Chakra 7: The bliss/crown center is about connecting to something greater thant oneself and expressing wisdom and enlightment.

What philosophy forms the foundation in your spa and how does it influence treatments and the client experience?