The Core of Beauty

We’ve all heard the expression, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This turn of a phrase is no old wives’ tale. Eating apples can be extremely beneficial to one’s health. The fruit is rich in fiber and vitamin C. Apples are also chock-ful of antioxidants and flavonoids, which can help prevent disease. In addition, they have a long history of enticing their eaters—just look at Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. “Since the beginning of recorded time, artists and great thinkers have honored the apple as a symbol of love, beauty, vitality, and eternal life,” explains Danica Siegel, whose I Am ME fragrance is available in spa retail areas throughout the country and is infused with the scents of green apple, orange blossom, and vetivert. “In mythology, Gaia, Mother Earth, presented a legendary apple tree laden with fruit to Zeus and his bride Hera on their wedding day, and their golden apples inspired many tales of love and temptation. Inspired by such romantic notions, the Romans served apples as dessert. Not only heavenly tasting and good for digestion, they were deemed a cunning aphrodisiac.”

But apples aren’t just beneficial internally or as an enticement for plotting lovers. They do a body good outside, as well, and can help keep clients looking fresh, youthful, and healthy when products infused with apples are slathered on the skin. “Apple extracts offer an exceptional array of esthetic benefits,” says Susan McGowan, brand manager with C3 Spa Distribution, distributors of professional European skincare brands including Terme di Saturnia, which offers an apple stem cell-focused skincare line called Terme di Saturnia Rejuvenation. “Apples feature malic acid, a light alpha hydroxy acid, which is great for exfoliating. They are also packed with vitamins for antioxidant benefits. All in all, this multi-tasking ingredient can help recharge dull, stressed, and tired complexions.”

Skin-Saving Stem Cells
One of the hottest trends in apple offerings revolves around apple stem cells culled from a rare Swiss apple known for its longevity. “It’s not just about any old apple—the Uttwiler Spatlauber apple is a nearly extinct variety found only in Switzerland,” explains Sonya Dakar, who recently debuted her NutraSphere Anti-Aging Collection, a line that is infused with a nano-apple stem cell complex from this tree. “When the tree’s unpicked apples or bark are punctured, they have an amazing ability to heal themselves. Once picked, the apples last for months longer than other varieties. Because of this, this apple was studied, and the essence of its anti-aging and regenerative properties was found in its stem cells. Since then, these endangered apples have been cultivated, and their stem cells have been extracted for cosmetic use. Studies have shown that they help protect and repair human stem cells, which is incredible.”

These powerful results are quickly creating buzz. In fact, stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Helen Mirren and First Lady Michelle Obama all of whom make headlines for their youthful complexions, have touted the benefits of apple stem cell products. Stars and skincare aficionados alike are certainly flocking to the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic (Los Angeles) for her Apple Stem Cell Anti-Aging Treatment ($495, 90 minutes). The facial includes an Apple Stem Cell Peel, an Apple Stem Cell Mask, a blast of red LED light, and an application of NutraSphere Stem Cell Transformer, which is infused with apple stem cells and nano-time release technology.
“The apple stem cells are one of the latest assaults on aging skin,” agrees Ian Lirenman, CEO and founder of emerginC, which offers the soon-to-debut Protocell line of face and eye creams and a professional peel-off treatment mask that contains a variety of active ingredients including Swiss apple stem cells and peel and seed extracts from organic apples from Normandy, France. “Apple stem cells help delay senescence, biological aging, as the cultivated stem cells have the ability to replicate the function of skin cells, helping skin function better and slow down the aging process.”

Lirenman says that his client spas, including those at The Carneros Inn (Napa, CA), CordeValle (San Martin, CA), Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Encantado (Santa Fe, NM), Miraval Arizona (Tucson, AZ), Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa (Rancho Santa Fe, CA), Trump International Beach Resort Miami, and Wynn Las Vegas, are all buzzing about the new line and are looking forward to introducing it to their clients this fall.

A Sweet Treat
But it’s not just the Swiss apple stem cells that make apple a great skincare solution. No matter from where the apple is plucked, the fruity flesh is filled with nourishing ingredients. Apples contain natural exfoliants that remove dead skin cells, and they also contain components that protect the skin from harmful UV rays, prevent cell and tissue damage, and fight wrinkles and aging. Additionally, the abundance of alpha hydroxy acids, collagen, elastin, and vitamins A, B, and C aid in balancing the pH levels in the skin. That’s why Ilike Organic Skin Care’s Apple & Lemon Gel Mask and Apple & Lemon Whipped Moisturizer are two fruity favorites for spa-goers and are incorporated in spas such as The Chattanoogan Spa at The Chattanoogan (Chattanooga, TN) with its Make a Splash! treatments, including a facial, a body treatment, a manicure, and a pedicure.

Beyond the skin-saving abilities, apples smell sweet, which makes apple-scented products extremely enticing for spa guests. I am ME is Siegel’s top-selling scent, and she credits that mainly to the intoxicating apple aroma. “Not only is the scent of apple irresistible but it is also capable of triggering the desire for good health, sensuality, and longevity,” she says. “The enduring popularity of I am ME is owed to its power to transport the wearer to an inner garden of earthly delights.”

Falling for Apple
As it is the harvest season in much of the world, autumn is an ideal time to market apple-related services. A popular fall service at The Spa at Rancho Bernardo Inn is The “Pearfect” Body Treatment ($150, 80 minutes), a refreshing exfoliation with pear and green apple sugar followed by a body mask made from the pulp of limes, green apples, and pears and a rubdown with honeydew moisturizer.


Beyond Autumn
Though fall is a fabulous time to showcase apple-related products, it truly is an ingredient that spa-goers will be sweet on throughout the year, and many spas use it as a tie-in to their specific locales. In New York City, The Spa at the Four Seasons New York offers the Big Apple Antioxidant Body Treatment ($285, 80 minutes), which includes a full-body scrub with brown sugar and apple, during which apple enzymes help dissolve dead skin cells. The scrub is then rinsed off in a Vichy shower, and a full-body massage with apple body butter concludes the treatment. The Spa at Farmhouse at the Farmhouse Inn (Forestville, CA), meanwhile, uses ingredients culled from its Sonoma Valley land, including heirloom cider apples grown on-site. The cider is used to moisten the eye compresses that are used in all of the spa treatments, and the fruit is used in several body wraps. Eau Spa at the Old Orchard Inn (Wolfville, Nova Scotia) celebrates its apple harvest year-round with the Apple Blossom Facial ($100, 60 minutes), a signature service that uses an apple mask from CA Botana.

The options with apple are endless. For hotel spas, McGowan suggestions cross-marketing services with food and offering packages that include a treatment, as well as an apple-infused salad, smoothie, or cocktail. As the school holidays approach, she says “Apple For The Teacher” promotions are a great way to boost gift certificate sales. She also suggests touting the celebrity angle by posting photos and framed magazine mentions of apple products in your retail area. “Consumers crave celebrity stories, so this ingredient provides an interesting spotlight for spas,” she says.

Though money doesn’t grow on trees, offering apple services in your spa is certain to add to your profit margin. With its buzz-worthy appeal and its bountiful benefits, these treatments will always be in season. So introduce this engaging ingredient to your clients, and you’ll soon find your spa to be the apple of their eye.

Garden of Eden
Want to tempt your clients with the fruity benefits of apple? Sample some of these apple-infused products.

Bioelements Lightplex Pigment Balancing Serum: This serum contains fruit acids including apple, lemon, orange, and sugarcane; BioBrightening extracts; and a blend of soothing plant ingredients that even out skintone while preventing irritation. (800) 433-6650;

BioOrigin Apple Elixir Gel Mask: This antioxidant mask combines nourishing and firming Canadian sea mineral clay and soothing ice cider and apple vinegar. (877) 696-5535;

Carita Perfect Gold Serum: This radiance-enhancing serum with real gold powder and apple extracts helps to illuminate skin and diminish the signs of aging. (877) 394-8796;

Cuccio Naturalé Apple Cuticle Remover: Dead cuticle skin is removed naturally using an array of alpha hydroxy acids, including malic acid from apple, to break down residue and add moisture while exfoliating. (800) 762-6245;

Emerge Skin Care Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum: This patent-pending product boosts the production of human skin stem cells and protects them from stress, thus decreasing wrinkles and producing younger looking skin. (866) 327-5069;

Dr. Gram’s Skincare Eye Rescue: Dr. Gram’s formula utilizes rutin, a powerful antioxidant, and apple stem cell technology to save eyes from dark circles and puffiness. (877) 754-6308;

EmerginC Protocell Eye: This lightweight anti-aging eye emulsion is made with apple-cell technology, argan oil, and cactus extract designed to actively control the signs of aging skin around the eye area. (800) 257-9597;

Éminence Organic Skin Care Pear and Green Apple Massage Soufflé: Ideal for all skin types, this massage lotion contains green apple and pear to hydrate and refresh the skin. (888) 747-6342;

Essensa Lemon & Apple Vitacream: Enriched with apple, lemon, and organic plant extracts to fight free radicals and bacteria, this cream provides critical care to activate skin functions and reduces and balances oil secretion for a fresh matte skintone. (800) 932-0168;

GlyMed Plus Stem Cell Power Serum: This serum helps to reset aging skin at the cellular level with powerful peptides, cellular lipids, and a rare Swiss apple cell culture known for its extended longevity. (800) 676-9667;

Ilike Organic Skin Care’s Quince Apple Gel Mask: This mask is especially made to regenerate the skin with contouring agents, fructose, and vitamins that hydrate, nourish, and tighten the skin. (888) 290-6238;

Image Skincare Ageless Total Anti-Aging Serum: This serum contains a unique cosmeceutical blend of alpha hydroxy acids in combination with apple stem cell technology. It protects skin cells from oxidative stress and combats the effects of aging. (800) 796-SKIN;

Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator: This facial treatment contains apple and beneficial fruits native to Australia that exfoliate and freshen skin leaving the complexion healthy and clear. (800) 854-1110;

Rhonda Allison Sea Gems: This pro-mitochondria complex blends apple stem cell culture technology with all-natural deep-sea micro-organisms for the ultimate in age reversal, antioxidant delivery, and skin nourishment. (866) 313-SKIN;

Pevonia Botanica Balancing Combination Skin Mask: This creamy, non-drying, and kaolin-based mask helps hydrate, brighten, and purify the skin. It combines carrot oil, green apple, and vitamins to effectively repair and smooth. (800) PEVONIA;

Sonya Dakar Stem Cell Transformer: Enriched with a nano-apple stem cell complex, a concentrated blend of 14 anti-aging active ingredients, this serum targets fine lines and wrinkles. (877) 727-6692;

Yüm Skincare DNA Apple Smoothing Masque: This vegan-based, equilibrium- restoring treatment calms irritation while protecting skin from premature oxidation and reducing visible signs of aging. (877) YUM-LINE;
Lisa Bruckenstein