Cryotherapy Chills to Perfection


CryotherapyWhile I rarely pass up an opportunity to experience the latest spa trend, I must admit that cryotherapy was one I was a bit hesitant to try for myself. The idea of spending three minutes in a cryosauna at sub-zero temperatures didn't exactly sound appealing. However, I decided to give it a shot at 256 Below after learning of the many benefits associated with the treatment. Fortunately, the folks there kept me chatting throughout my session, so I was able to tough it out for the full three minutes. Althought it wasn't necessarily comfortable feeling my body begin to freeze, the after effects were well worth it. I emerged from the chamber completely invigorated, a feeling that lasted throughout the day. I walked away a total cryotherapy convert.

With the heat of summer in full force, clients at Dolce Viso Salon & Spa (Millburn, NJ) can cool down with the debut of 256 Below, an in-spa center introducing whole-body cryotherapy treatments. Relying on the Juka Cryosauna, the spa is now able to provide treatments for athletic performance and recovery, beauty, inflammation and pain management, and overall health and wellness. Clients spend two to three minutes in the single-person cryogenic chamber for a host of benefits, such as reduced muscle and joint soreness, faster recovery times, and a boost in energy. The spa offers club pricing with a Monthly Membership for $25, which allows members to bring one friend for free each month provided they are over 18 and not a current client. Regular pricing includes a Single Session ($75, $65 for members), a Burst Three Pack ($210, $180 for members), and a Recover 10 Pack ($590, $495 for members). Members can also benefit from a Monthly Unlimited ($699), which can be up to one treatment daily. “Cold treatment for athletes has been around since the days of the ice bath,” says 256 Below owner Stan Kapica. “Now, no longer just a luxury limited to the pros, our cryosaunas let everyone—from fitness enthusiasts to those seeking a youthful glow—take advantage of the vast menu of benefits each cryotherapy session provides and at an affordable rate.” It’s certainly one way to stay chill this summer.